Do your learning in the real world. By drawing on our extensive portfolio of internship options, you'll see firsthand how different parts of the economy function and how knowledge and skills of analysis can give you unique insight.

The Economics Department, together with the Business Department, offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities to enhance a student's classroom knowledge. These experiences are offered on both an introductory and advanced level designed to meet your educational goals. You can start an internship as early as your sophomore year during the school year and/or during the summer.

Does my work count for academic credit?

Students may participate in the internship program on a credit or noncredit basis. For-credit internships have certain academic requirements and students must complete a minimum number of work hours.

Other opportunities

Consider job opportunities at the Calvin Center for Social Research, a high-quality organization that functions as something of an honors college for social science students at Calvin. The McGregor Fellows Program offers summer research positions with Calvin faculty members. Also worth considering are NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, the University of Michigan ICPSR summer program, and the American Economic Association Summer Training Program. Don't forget to explore student publishing opportunities at AEA as well.

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