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Books like Freakonomics have popularized what economics students have known for a long time: Studying economics opens your eyes to a new way of looking at the world.

Economics students are known for thinking analytically and objectively about everything from the mundane to the important to the essential. Why do pre-ripped jeans sell at a premium? Why does tiny Norway buy so many expensive Teslas, when they own so much oil? Why are the penalties for crack more severe than other drug infractions? The econ major trains you to solve complex problems analytically, critically, and creatively.

Econ students are also trained to pair their analytical capacity to substantial empirical training. They learn to make sound inferences from data and present their findings in clear, compelling, even-handed writing and speech.

Economics is Trending

This is probably why, in our world that's more and more data-driven, econ majors are popular. New York Magazine asks "Why are college students flocking to economics?" in their article of the same title, and we have answers. They say that for years, many of the nation's top-ranked colleges' graduates have majored in economics. An economics major is a preferred credential for Wall Street, law-school, medical school, and more. As the article says, econ majors "earn more, on average" and "have lower unemployment rates" than other graduates. And, of course, the econ major helps us make the world better by working with non-profits or policy research.

Don't Forget to Be Awesome

And besides all that, studying economics is just cool! As New York Magazine put it, "Economics is hot right now." It's an exciting time to learn what's going on in the global economy, and an important time to learn how to think clearly about environmental sustainability, the emerging economies like China and Brazil, the future of government budgeting and viability of programs like Social Security, the reasons for inequality and the options for addressing it, the causes and effects of immigration, and the effects of Big Data on commerce and culture.

We hope you'll consider joining us in this exciting venture! In addition to acceptances into law programs, public policy schools, graduate research programs and medical school, here are some examples of job titles our students have received upon graduation during the last five years:

  • Bank of America, Country Risk Management Team
  • Adtegrity, Director of Data Analysis
  • FDIC, Financial Institution Specialist
  • Federal Reserve Bank - Kansas City, Research Associate
  • Northern Trust, Risk Analyst
  • Van Wyk Risk and Financial Management, Commercial Client Manager
  • Accenture, Consulting Analyst
  • Norris, Perne and French, Equity Research Analyst
  • Partners Worldwide, Honduras Partnership Manager
  • Amway, Corporate Strategist
  • Axid Strategies, Director of Analytics and Research
  • UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Credit Risk Manager
  • Epic Systems, Finance Software Project Manager

Learn more about careers and outcomes for economics students at Calvin.

Academic Programs

Our department offers several programs, each of which can be tailored to specific student interests.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  2. A group concentration* in the social sciences
  3. A group concentration* involving economics and mathematics
  4. Minors tailored to other majors, including specialties within the business major.

You may also enter the Teacher Education Program to pursue a future in teaching.

*Group concentrations must form a coherent, planned program approved by your advisor.

Mission Statement

The mission of the economics department is to graduate students with economic knowledge, moral judgment, professional skills, and internal motivation to steward resources in a way that promotes economic vitality that is just, inclusive, and sustainable for all our neighbors and all of God’s creation. With joy and wonder, we seek to engage economic theory and policy in our teaching, scholarship, and service to the broader community as we affirm what is excellent, question what is dubious, and renew what needs to be transformed, always in the light of Christ’s redemptive presence in the world and in our lives. (revised October 2014)

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