Understand the world—and how to change it.

As you build your understanding of economics, you'll deepen your grasp of what makes our day-to-day lives work the way they do, from our unconscious habits to the biggest questions about the structure of society.

Economics is about more than dollars and cents or party politics—it's about what makes people act the way they do in the marketplace. Take a step back and examine the flow of goods and services, production and distribution of resources, and the role of government in economy. You'll uncover patterns and trends that will shed light on topics from urban growth and development to health care and world poverty.

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Quick Facts
  • 15th

    Calvin's rank in number of students going on to earn a PhD (Barron's Guide study of 925 private colleges).

  • 93%

    of 2016 economics graduates employed or in graduate school one year later.

  • 100%

    of Calvin’s faculty members are committed Christians

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