The Congregational and Ministry Studies Department aims to provide opportunities for classroom learning, research and apprenticeships to help students critically examine how every other major and program in the university contributes to the life of the church and its ministries.

Why Congregational and Ministry studies at Calvin?

Along with other contributions in culture and society more broadly, academic preparation for knowledgeable contributions to the church is crucial. The concern for the academic study of lay ministry is grounded in the Reformed tradition’s emphasis on the role of all people in ministry and in the emerging vitality of ministry studies as an academic field. Formed in 2009, the Congregational and Ministry Studies department serves as a focal point for faculty scholarship and professional development in this field of study.

Calvin Institute of Worship

The congregational and ministry studies department will be the academic home for faculty who serve in the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, for the college chaplain, and for the university's programs related to ecumenical organizations, especially the World Communion of Reformed churches.