VenhuizenRoss Venhuizen '14 graduated with degrees in business marketing and strategic communication. He started working in marketing following graduation from Calvin and has since come to realize the ways a CAS degree can prepare you in many ways for a career in business. Read on to find out!

Q: Where did you start after graduating and where are you now?

A: When people hear of Motorola, they mostly think of the phone business. I'm on another side of Motorola called Motorola Solutions which is mostly focused on communication systems and technology for public safety, government and commemrcial businesses. I started in June of 2014 in a specialist position. At that point I was in more of a support role. After a year and half they promoted me to the global markting manager for a product called Wave. I lead the development of our marketing messaging and strategy for that portfolio.

Q: How did your communication classes help to prepare you for a business career?

A: They helped on a couple different levels. I had to give a presentation for a town hall to our product and engineering team. it was an important presentation for me and there were several higher-ups there from the company. I had gone through several different speech classes so I knew how to structure my presentation in a way that would connect with my audience and be engaging. Afterwards some of the higher-ups came up and told me that they loved the presentation. My CAS professors did a great job at preparing me for that moment. At a higher level, the skills that I learned in my communication classes are very applicable in the day-to-day in being able to articulate well. I use a lot of the skills that I learned to persuade and connect with the audience, which are important, universal skills.