Ojone Ameadaji graduated in 2015 with a Strategic Communication major and a Business minor. She is now a law student at the University of Iowa, building on the education she received at Calvin.

Q: How has your CAS degree built a foundation for your graduate education and future legal career?

A: The biggest thing would be writing and speaking; being able to clearly articulate my thoughts. Much of what we do at law school, like legal reasoning, writing, analysis and communicating our arguments, is the bulk of what we learned in CAS. I know what a clear argument looks like and I can also tell when one doesn't quite make sense. I liked that you can study many different topics while learning these skills. For instance, in Advanced Oral Rhetoric, I could write speeches about anything I was interested in. There was a lot of room to be creative and learn. It was very interactive. I really appreciate the people I met along the way, like the friends I made in the department or Patsy who works at the coffee shop in the Communicaton building. They are the people who really made the whole journey fun.

Q: Did you have any valuable work experiences outside the classroom that prepared you for this path?

A: I interned with a law firm back home in Nigeria the summer after freshman year. That was my first time being in a law firm and seeing what was going on. Sophomore year, I volunteered with a wonderful lawyer in Kentwood named Sharon Brinks. She was a Calvin alum and was running for mayor of Kentwood at the time. It was great to work with her and see her do her legal work.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your future legal career?

A: I want to help people. It sounds cliché, but law has an immense capacity for social transformation. I am excited to see how God will use my legal education to make a difference in my community either here or back home. I've always been interested in helping women and children in my home country, Nigeria. That is what i'm most excited about--seeing how policy can change society.