SchroderOur students have excellent opportunities to find valuable jobs and internships. Some even create their own! Meet Megan Schroder, a strategic communication major from the class of 2016. She pursued her own idea of a great internship that filled a need in the Grand Rapids Christian Schools.

Q: How did you get involved at Grand Rapids Christian Schools?

A: I was the Communication Intern at Grand Rapids Christian Schools. I was the first intern that they ever had. I approached them because I knew someone doing something similar at Grand Rapids Catholic Central, so I approached the school with my idea and I said I was willing to do whatever. I sat down with them and talked about what we could do better with the school's social media to promote themselves more effectively. Social media was my primary focus. It was a challenge because there were so many different areas to cover at each of the five different schools - three elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. As time went on, I also worked with organizing and communicating for the alumni weekend, as well as other fundraising and alumni events. I also get to do some photography for athletic and fundraising events.

Q: What did you learn from that internship that will apply to future jobs in the communication field?

A: I think one of the big things i learned is that it's really important to make sure that all communication sends the same overall message. Social media posts and other communication should not be random, but should come from the same voice and purpose.

Q: What CAS class was most valuable throughout this experience?

A: In organizational communication and business communication, we learned how different organizations run. It was important to learn firsthand how a nonprofit works. It was helpful while working at a nonprofit and will be interesting to see the similarities and differences in other organizations in the future.

Q: What have you been up to since graduating?

A: I'm an assistant at Just Delightful Events. It's a relatively new company so I do a lot of different things. I do some administrative work and am in contact with clients, making sure things are coordinated well for each event. I make sure that what we're doing on our end is satisfactory on their end. The job also involves event day preparation. I also get to help make a lot of flower bouquets and arrangements. Each day I'm learning more and more about the administration and communication fields and gaining valuable experience in each area. It's a good environment for me to learn.