Katie Landan ('09)

Katie Landan, a 2009 Calvin alum, has followed an exciting career path from Chicago and New York all the way to LA. A Communication-Rhetoric major with a minor in Writing, Landan currently works in the Los Angeles Times’ Community News division. “Calvin absolutely prepared me for my career,” she says, “The classroom experience and the many lectures and events at Calvin prepared me for the challenges of being an editor, making judgments, and being ethical.”

During her time at Calvin, Katie enjoyed working at a variety of internships. She interned with Calvin’s Communication and Marketing department, Fox News Channel, and several other off-campus companies. “Pick internships even if you aren’t sure about that career field,” she advises. “It’s the best way to find out if something is right for you!”  She noted that Professor Bytwerk’s Persuasion & Propaganda class and Professor Pauley’s Communication Theory class helped her sharpen her critical thinking skills as well.

After graduation, Katie worked as a research reporter for a website called BidClerk in Chicago, but soon landed a position at FoxNews.com due to a previous internship with them. She moved to New York City and worked as a news editor for FoxNews.com, producing articles and reporting for the website. Several noteworthy events happened during her time there, including parcel bombs entering the U.S. on cargo airlines from Yemen. “It was a shaping experience for me,” she reflects.

Although she learned a lot while working in NYC, she realized “the grind of the city just wasn’t for me!” Landan decided to move to LA and found her current position with the Los Angeles Times Media Group. She manages a number of their websites, as well as a breaking news blog. Additionally, Katie creates stories and promotes them through various social media platforms.

The CAS Department at Calvin offers students the chance to “really design their degree around their interests,” Katie points out. “Anything from film to speech writing.” For students considering a major within the Communication department, she advises, “the programs within the department can be tailored to the individual’s interest. The professors are outstanding and are available to students whether it’s help with homework, or larger questions that have to do with vocation.”

Due to her education and opportunities at Calvin, Katie has been well prepared for pursuing her dream job across the country.