Skillful, ethical and meaningful communication is vital in the business and non-profit organizations. Learn about how people think, work, collaborate and communicate, and develop the skills you need to spark their interest in your product, your idea or your cause.

Courses in this interdisciplinary major will deepen your understanding of how communication works in organizational structures and cultures. In particular, you will investigate the relationship between communication and business ethics, leadership, human motivation, and collaboration. As part of the major, an internship in advertising, public relations, marketing or sales will give you practical experience as you plan for your career.

Student involvement

Join Calvin Video Network; Write for the Chimes or Dialogue; Try out for the Improv team; Help out with Prism, Calvin's year book; Join the Film Arts Committee.

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(34-35 semester hours)

A grade of at least a C in BUS 160 and in either CAS 141 or CAS 190 is required to be accepted into this major.

  • CAS 141 Visual Rhetoric or CAS 190 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • CAS 240 Group Communication
  • CAS 262 Business Communication or ENGL 262 Business Communication
  • BUS 160 Business Foundation
  • ACCT 203 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 360 Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Two courses from
    • CAS 285 Advertising and Public Relations
    • BUS 365 Human Resource Management
    • BUS 380 Marketing
    • BUS 382 Consumer Behavior Theory and Practice
  • One course from
  • CAS 211 Argumentation and Advocacy or CAS CAS 305 Persuasion and Propaganda
  • One course from
    • CAS 253 Inter-cultural Communication
    • CAS 260 Interpersonal Communication
    • CAS 270 Communication and Gender
    • SOC250 Diversity and Inequality in the United States


(12 semester hours)

To graduate with honors in organizational communication you must:

Earn a grade of B+ or better in at least six honors courses (18 hours) overall with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.  To have a course count as an honors course, you and a professor must create a contract for honors work. 

  • earn a grade of B+ or better in at least two honors courses in BUS and two in CAS

  • complete at least two honors courses outside the major (i.e. neither CAS nor BUS).

  • present an honors thesis or project either in BUS 390H with a grade of at least B (3.0) or a CAS 300-level course, with a presentation to the CAS department.

Consider these exciting careers related to organizational communication:

  • business owner
  • employment recruiting
  • lobbyist
  • marketing executive
  • real estate agent
  • sales manager
  • project management
  • paralegal
  • business management
  • research director
  • advertising
  • public relations
  • organizational leadership

See job placement rates for Calvin grads.


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