Create meaningful and effective content in an ever-growing digital landscape. Build your design skills and technical knowledge and learn how to spread ideas and bring people together on the web.

The digital communication (DC) group major at Calvin College is shared between the communication arts and sciences and the computer science departments, with cognate courses required in art and English.  The DC major is intended to equip its graduates with theoretical and practical skills for communication through digital media including websites, social media platforms and newsletters. The DC group major offers a mix of skills including theory of communication, writing for new media, artistic design, technical skills for creating websites, media elements, computer programming and interactive web pages. You'll learn how to communicate well using technology and build skills in:

  • media writing, audio or video production
  • presentation and publication design
  • database administration
  • software engineering

Course Requirements 2016-2017

(38-39 semester hours plus 9 hours of cognates)

Communication Arts and Sciences courses (15-16 hours)

  • One of
  • One of
  • One of
    • CAS 248 Writing for the Media 
    • CAS 249 Audio Design and Aesthetics 
    • CAS 285 Advertising and Public Relations 
    • CAS 290 Video Production II 
  • One from:
    • CAS 346 Audio Design and Aesthetics 
    • CAS 394 Internship in Computing
  • One from:

Computer Science and Information Systems courses (16-17 hours)

  • CS-100 Creating Interactive Web Media 
  • One from:
    • CS 106 Introduction to Scientific Computation and Modeling
    • CS 108 Introduction to Computing
  • One of
    • IS 337 Introduction to Website Administration 
    • CS 336 Web Development
  • One sequence selected from
    • CS 112 Introduction to Data Structures
    • CS 262 Software Engineering 

    • IS 175 Computing with Databases
    • DATA-202 Information Systems and Data Management

Practicum one of

  • CAS 346 Internship in Communication 
  • CS 394 Internship in Computing 

Capstone one of

Cognates (9 hours)

To graduate with honors in digital communication, you must:

Earn a grade of B+ or better in six honors courses (to total at least 18 semester hours) including at least two courses in the digital communication major, one of which must be a 300-level course.  To have a course count as an honors course, you and a professor must create a contract for honors work.  At least two honors courses must be outside of CAS.

  • maintain a GPA of 3.5 both in the digital communication major and overall.

  • present to the department or to the public an honors paper or project in your senior year, usually during the spring semester.

Digital communication prepares you to be effective in a broad range of careers in today's digital world.

  • Data Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Web Design
  • Project Manager
  • film and video editors
  • broadcast technician
  • graphic design

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