This is a guide to Hekman Library's reference works that are helpful for studying classics.

Major Bibliographical Guides

Major bibliographical guides in the Calvin library are listed below. Those of special interest to students of theology or the middle ages are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Fabricius, J. A. Bibliotheca graeca. Hamburg, 1716-40. Rare Book Room Z7021 F11 v. 1.

  • Moss, J. W. Manual of Classical Bibliography. London, 1825. Ref. Z7016 M91 (in Reference Two section).

  • Hoffmann, S. F. W. Bibliographisches Lexicon der gesammten Literatur der Griechen. Leipzig, 1838 (repr. Amsterdam, 1961). Ref. Z7021 H71 v. 1-3.

  • Engelmann, W. and E. Preuss. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum, 8. Auflage, umfassend die Literatur von 1700 bis 1878. Hildesheim, 1959 [reprint]. Z7016 E58 v. 1, 2.

  • Klussmann, R. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum et graecorum et latinorum. Die Literatur von 1878 bis 1896 einschlieslich umfassend. Leipzig, 1909-1913. Z7016 E592 v. 1,2.

  • Cousin, J. Bibliographie de la langue latin, 1880-1948. Paris, 1951. Ref. Z7026 C6.

  • Lambrino, S. Bibliographie de l'antiquite classique. Paris, 1951. Covers the years 1896-1914. Ref. Z7016 L12.

  • Rouse, W. H. D. et al. The Year's Work in Classical Studies. London, 1906 1947. Ref. PA11 C7.

  • Marozeau, J. Dix Annees de bibliographie classique. Paris, 1927-8 (for years 1914-1924). Z7016 M35.

  • Marozeau, J., J. Ernst et al. L'Annee philologique. Paris, yearly since 1928 (for years 1924-26). Z7016 M35 A. (some volumes missing)

  • van Ooteghem, J. Bibliotheca Graeca et Latina, a l'usage des professeurs des Humanites greco-latines (second edition). Namur, 1946. Z7106 O5 1946 (in the Classics Reading Room).

  • Halton, T. P. and S. O'Leary. Classical Scholarship: an Annotated Bibliography. White Plains, N.Y., 1986. Ref. Z6207.C65 H34 1986. This work, as the title suggests, is an annotated list of what a couple of good scholars think is worth reading on a whole range of ancient authors and subjects.

  • *Bibliographia Patristica: internationale patristische Bibliographie. Ref. Z7729 B5 v. 1-25, 28 (1959-).

  • McGuire, Martin R. P. Introduction to Classical Scholarship: A Syllabus and Bibliographical Guide. Washington, DC, 1961. Ref. Z7016 M25 (in the Classics Reading Room). An outstanding guide, for undergraduates and graduates alike, to the ins and outs of classical scholarship. Not to be missed.

  • *McGuire, Martin R. P. and H. Dressler. Introduction to Medieval Latin Studies. Washington, D.C., 1977. Ref. PA2816 M24. An indispensable source for more than just medieval studies; students of later antiquity as well will find here a wealth of information.

  • *Crosby, Everett U., Julian C. Bishko, and Robert L. Kellogg. Medieval Studies: A Bibliographical Guide (New York, 1983). Z5579.5.C76 1903. (Third floor reference area)

  • *Powell, James, ed. Medieval Studies: An Introduction. Second Edition (Syracuse, 1992). D116.M4. Articles (many with extensive bibliographies) on Latin Palaeography; Diplomatics; Numismatics; Archaeology; Prosopography; Computer-assisted Analysis of the Statistical Documents of Medieval Society; Medieval Chronology: Theory and Practice; Medieval English Literature; Latin Philosophies of the Middle Ages; Medieval Law; Medieval Science and Natural Philosophy; Tradition and Innovation in Medieval Art; Medieval Music in Perspective. Very useful as what it claims to be—an introduction.

  • *International Medieval Bibliography. Ref. Z6203.I6 (from 1967-).

  • *Rouse, R. H. et al. Serial Bibliographies for Medieval Studies. Berkeley, 1969. Ref. Z6203.R66.

  • *La Typologie des sources du moyen age occidental, gen. ed. Leopold Genicot (Turnhout, 1972). 68 volumes to date. See L. Genicot, Table of Fascicles 1-50 (Turnhout, 1992) for valuable comprehensive indices (types of sources; historical criticism: problems and methods; subjects of research). Calvin holds v. 12 (ÒLa Roman,Ó Z6203.T95 v. 12) and 13 (ÒLe fabilau,Ó Z6203.T95. v. 13).

  • *Toronto Medieval Bibliographies (Toronto, 1967- ). Not all are here at Calvin; those that are have call numbers after their dates. Published volumes (in addition to those by Kaske and Boyle, listed herein) include Hans-Bekker Nielsen, Old-Norse Icelandic Studies (1967); Fred C. Robinson, Old English Literature (1970); James J. Murphy, Medieval Rhetoric (1971); Andrew Hughes, Medieval Music: The Sixth Liberal Art (1973--ML114.H8 1980 [third floor reference area]); Rachel Bromwich, Medieval Celtic Literature (1974); Giles Constable, Medieval Monasticism (1976--Z7839.C8 [fourth floor reference area]); Robert A. Taylor, La Litterature occitane du moyen age (1977); Richard W. Pfaff, Medieval Latin Liturgy (1982--Z7813.P42 [fourth floor reference area]); John Leyerle and Anne Quick, Chaucer (1986).

  • *Fisher, John Hurt, ed., The Medieval Literature of Western Europe: A Review of Research, Mainly 1930-1960 (New York, 1966). Contains chapters on Medieval Latin, Old and Middle English, Old French, Catalan, Old Spanish, Portuguese, Celtic, Old Norse. Though dated, still good for an initial orientation. Z6517.F5 (third floor reference area)

  • *Boyle, Leonard. Medieval Latin Palaeography: A Bibliographical Introduction (Toronto, 1986). The section on Research Setting lists some standard reference works. Z106.B69 1984 (third floor reference area)

  • *Williams, Harry F. An Index of Medieval Studies Published in Festschriften: 1865-1946. With Special Reference to Romanic Material (Berkeley, 1951). Z6203.W5 (third floor reference area)

  • *Sieben, H. J. Voces. Eine Bibliographie zu Wsrten und Begriffen aus der Patristik (1918-1978). Berlin, 1980. Ref. Z7018 S4 S53.

  • Bibliographia Patristica: internationale patristische Bibliographie. Ref. Z7729 B5 v. 1-25, 28 (1959 -).

  • Goodwater, L. Women in Antiquity. An Annotated Bibliography. Metuchen (NJ), 1975. Z7961 G66.

  • Coulson, W. D. E. Annotated Bibliography of Greek and Roman Art and Archeology. New York, 1975. Ref. Z5932.3 .C68.

  • *Rouse, Richard H. Serial Bibliographies for Medieval Studies (Berkeley, 1969). For a list of periodicals organized by topic and region, see Crosby et al., Medieval Studies, pp. 1027-57. Z6203.R66 (third floor reference area).

  • The following annotated Lustrum bibliographies are available in the Classics Reading Room (as they are uncatalogued, ask Prof. Williams where they are):

    • Greek Archaeology and Literature, 1951-70
    • Theatre Production, 1971-86
    • Herodotus, 1937-60
    • Aristophanes, 1938-55
    • Catullus, 1948-85
    • Aeschylus (fragments), 1959 (Nachtraege)
    • Sophocles, 1939-59
    • Euripides, 1968-81
    • Plato (I), 1950-57
    • Plato (II), 1950-57)
    • Plato (III), 1975-80
    • Plato (IV), 1980-85

Periodic annotated bibliographies and check-lists on specialized subjects are found in the journals Classical WorldLustrum and Greece and Rome.

Bibliographical Resources not found in the Hekman Library

The following resources are bibliographies with which most classicists and medievalists should be familiar; however, they are not in the Calvin Library. Maybe they will be if enough of us make a fuss.

  • Bibliotheca philologica classica. Verzeichnis d. auf d. klass. Altertumswissenschaft erscheinen Buecher, Aufsaetze, Rezensionen, etc. Covers the years 1874-1938.

  • Herescu, N. I. Bibliographie de la litterature latine. (1943)

  • Nierhaus, R. Internationale Bibliographie der alten Geschichte. (1940-49)

Editions of and Indices to Primary Authors
  • Riesenfeld, H. and B. Repertorium Lexicographicum Graecum. A Catalogue of Indexes and Dictionaries to Greek Authors. Stockholm, 1954. Ref. Z7021 R5.

  • Verdenius, W. J. Beknopte Bibliographie voor de Studie der Griekse Taal- en Letterkunde. Amsterdam, 1960. Ref. Z7021 V4.

  • Ahlheid, F. and A. D. Leeman. Beknopte Bibliographie voor de Studie der Latijnse Taal- en Letterkunde. Amsterdam, 1960. Ref. Z7026 L4.

  • Gwinap, T. and F. Dickinson. Greek and Roman Authors: A Check-List of Criticism. Metuchen (NJ), 1973. Ref. Z7016 G9.

  • Nairn, J. A. Classical Hand-List. Oxford, 1953. Ref. Z7016 N17 1953.

  • Smith, F. S. The Classics in Translation. New York, 1930. Ref. Z7018 T7 E87.

  • Berkowitz, L. and K. Squitier. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Canon of Greek Authors and Works. New York, 1986 et seq. At the Ibycus workstation in the Classics Department reference room (see below).

NOTE: An Ibycus Scholarly Computer is maintained in the Classics Department reading room, along with the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae CD ROM (ca. 60 million words of text embracing all major and most minor Greek authors for whom a printed edition exists) and the Packard Humanities Institute CD-ROM (which contains all the important Latin authors). In addition, the CETEDOC CD-ROM of the Latin Church Fathers is mounted on the Library's server (local access only).

Guides to German-Language Dissertations

The sometimes daunting world of older German-language dissertations can become more accessible via the following bibliographical guides:

  • Jahresverzeichnis der an den deutschen Universitaeten erschienen Schriften, 1885-1907. Vaduz, 1965-. Ref. Z5055 G39 B5 v. 1-36.

  • Jahresverzeichnis der schweizerischen Hochschulschriften 1897-. Basel, 1951. Ref. Z5055 S89 J2 1950-59.

Encyclopedias and Miscellaneous Works

The following items are of interest to students of the ancient and medieval worlds:

  • Oxford Classical Dictionary. Oxford, 1970 (in classics reference room); if you refer to the OCD always use the second (or latest) edition.

  • C. Andresen, H. Erbse, O. Gigon, et. al. Lexikon der alten Welt. Zurich, 1965. Ref. AG27 L42.

  • The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, ed. F. L. Cross and E. A. Livingstone, 2nd ed. (London, 1974). Brief but authoritative entries with good select bibliography. Coverage not restricted to Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Ref. BR95.09 1974.

  • Encyclopedia of the Early Church, 2 vols., ed. Angelo Di Berardino (New York, 1992). Coverage through Bede (d. 735). Much more thorough and up to-date than Cross, but limited chronologically. Ref. BR66.5.D5813 1992.

  • Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, ed. Ferguson, Everett (New York, 1990). Coverage up to A. D. 600. Ref. BR162.2.E53 1990.

  • Reallexikon fuer Antike und Christentum, ed. Theodor Klauser and Ernst Dassmann (Leipzig, 1941- ). Up to "Jakob und Esau" as of 1994; a few supplements have appeared for the A-volume. Easily the best resource, if your topic happens to fall between Aaron and Jakob. Ref. BR115.C5 R4.

  • *Dictionnaire d'archŽologie chrŽtienne et de liturgie, 15 vols., ed. F. Cabrol, H. Lerclercq, and H.-I. Marrou (Paris, 1907-53). The next best resource, although the earlier parts are inevitably becoming dated. Ref. BR95.C2.

  • *Lexikon fuer Theologie und Kirche, 11 vols., ed. M. Buchberger (Freiburg i. Br., 1957-67). Ref. BR95.B73.

  • *Reallexikon fŸr Antike und Christentum. Sachwoerterbuch zur Auseinandersetzung des Christentums mit der antiken Welt. Ref. BR115.C5 R4.

  • *Dictionnaire de thŽologie catholique, 15 vols., ed. A. Vacant, E. Mangenot, and E. Amann, (Paris, 1909-50), with general index ed. B. Loth and A. Michel (Paris, 1953-72). Ref. BX841.V3.

  • *New Catholic Encyclopedia, 16 vols. and supplement (New York, 1967-74). Ref. BX841.N44.

  • *Renate Klause and Otto Meyer, Clavis mediaevalis. Kleines Woerterbuch der Mittelalterforschung (Wiesbaden, 1962). Glossary of terms and concepts in medieval studies. CB351.K5 (third floor reference area).

  • *Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Joseph Strayer, 13 vols. and Index (New York). An excellent first stop for nearly any topic, though not as comprehensive as the following item. D114.D5 1982 (third floor reference area).

  • *Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde, 4 vols., ed. J. Hoops (Berlin, 1911-19). Rev. 2nd ed. by H. Beck et al. (Berlin, 1967-). DD51.H6

  • *Bak, J., et al. Medieval Narrative Sources. A Chronographical Guide (with a list of major letter collections). New York, 1987. Ref. Z6203.B33 1987.

  • *Boyce, G. C. (compiler). Literature of Medieval History, 1930-75. Millwood, NY: 1981. Ref. Z6203.P25 1980 v. 1-5.

  • Paulys RealencyclopŠdie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft. Munich, 1893-. Ref. DE5 P33 (55 volumes; Supplementband X missing). The sine qua non of all classical reference works, and a good excuse (if one is required) for learning and maintaining your German. Articles are arranged alphabetically in the first series of volumes; after that, you must consult the index to find quickly and easily the continuation (Nachtrag) of a given article. The latest index to the Nachtraege is the last volume of the series currently in our library.

  • Muellers Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft (Munich, 1950 -). A very useful series of volumes of which our library holds the following:

    • II.1.1-4: E. Schwyzer. Griechische Grammatik. 4 vols. PA25 H24 Abt.2 T.1 v. 1-4.
    • II.2.1-2: M. Leumann et al. Lateinische Grammatik. 2 volumes. PA25 H24 Abt.2 T.2 v. 1-2.
    • III.2: A. Goetze. Kulturgeschichte Kleinasiens. PA25 H24 Abt.3 T.2.
    • III.4: H. Bengston. Griechische Geschichte. PA25 H24 Abt.3 T.4.
    • III.7: R. Frye. The History of Ancient Iran. PA25 H24 Abt.3 T.2.
    • IV.1.1-2: G. Busolt. Griechische Staatskunde. 2 vols. PA25 H24 Abt.4 T.1, bd. 1-2.
    • V.4: K. Latte. Roemische Religionsgeschichte. PA25 H24 Abt.5 T.4.
    • *IX.2.1-3: M. Manitius, Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur des Mittelalters. 3 volumes. PA8035.M3 V 1-3.
    • *XII.2.1: H.-G. Beck. Kirche und theologische Literatur im byzantinischen Reich. PA25 H24 Abt.12 T.2 v.1.

      (See also the entries for Christ, Krumbacher and Schmid-Staehlin in section V. below.)


  • Poupard, D. and J. Krstovic, eds. Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism. Vol I. Detroit, 1988. Excerpts from various critics, ancient, medieval and modern. Ref. PN610 .C53 v. 1.

  • *RŽpertoire des sources historiques du moyen âge. Paris, 1905. Ref. Z6203.C53 v. 1-2.

  • *Kazhdan, A. P. et al. The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium. Oxford, 1991 (three vols.). Companion to the OCD. (Ref.) DF521.O93 1991 v.1-3.

  • *Cranz, F. E. and P. O. Kristeller, eds. Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum. Washington, D.C., 1960-84. A list and description of Latin translations of ancient Greek authors and the Latin commentaries on ancient Latin and Greek authors up to 1600. Ref. Z7016 K96 v. 1-5.

  • *Paetow, L. J. A Guide to the Study of Medieval History. Millwood, NY: 1980. Ref. Z6203.P19 1980.

  • *Boyce, Gray Cowan. Literature of Medieval History 1930-1975: A Supplement to Louis John Paetow's A Guide to the Study of Medieval History, 5 vols. (1981). Supplements Paetow, A Guide to the Study of Medieval History (New York, 1931). The standard comprehensive reference work in English on medieval history. Z6203.P25 1980. (third floor reference area)

  • *Caenegem, R. C. van. Kurze Quellenkunde des westeuropaeischen Mittelalters (Gšttingen, 1962). D113.C3.GE. (third floor reference area)

  • *Chevalier, Ulysse. RŽpertoire des sources historiques du moyen ‰ge: Bio-bibliographie, 2 vols. (Paris, 1905-07). Alphabetical by person. Z6203.C53. (third floor reference area)

  • *Bak, Janos, with the assistance of Heinz Quirin and Paul Hollingsworth, Medieval Narrative Sources: A Chronological Guide (With a List of Major Letter Collections) (New York, 1987). "By narrative sources we mean writings that were produced for the purpose of transmitting information about past and contemporary events to readers of the age and to future generations" (p. x). The focus is on Compendia, Chronicles, Annals, Histories and gesta. Lists editions and translations. Z6203.B33 1987. (third floor reference area)

  • *Potthast, A. Repertorium Fontium Historiae Medii Aevi. Rome, 1962. Ref. Z6203.P872 v. 1-6.

  • *Ibid. Repertorium Fontium Historiae Medii Aevi: Additamenta. Rome, 1972. Ref. Z6203.P872 Suppl. 1.

  • *Ibid. Bibliotheca Historica Medii Aevi. Graz, 1896. Ref. Z6203.P87 v. 1 2.

  • Steinschneider, M. Die arabischen Uebersetzungen aus dem Griechischen. Graz, 1960 (reprint of various installments: Beihefte zum Centralblatt fuer Bibliothekswesen V [1889] und XII [1893]; Zeitschrift der deutschen morgendlaendlischen Gesellschaft, Band 50 [1896]; Archiv fuer pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und fuer klinische Medezin, Band 124, Folge XII, Bd. iv [1891]). Ref. Z7018 T7 A8.

  • Stillwell, R. et al., editors. The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites. Princeton, 1976. Ref. DE59 P7.

  • Bengtson, H. Einfuehrung in die alte Geschichte. Fifth edition. Munich, 1965. Z6202 B4 1965 (in the Classics Reading Room). This is to ancient history what McGuire's Introduction to Classical Scholarship (see above, section I.a.) is to philology. Not to be missed.

  • Bengston, H. Introduction to Ancient History (tr. R. Frank and F. Gilliard). Berkeley, 1970. Ref. Z6202.B4. Translation of the above.

  • Petit, Paul. Guide de l'Žtudiant en histoire ancienne. Paris, 1969. Z6202 P45 1969. (In the Classics Reading Room.)

  • *The Cambridge Ancient History. Third edition. Cambridge, 1970. Ref. D57 .C252 (v. 1-3.3, 4, 6, 7.1). (Also in Classics Reading Room.)

  • *The Cambridge Mediaeval History. New York, 1911. Ref. D117 C3 (8 volumes).

  • *Ciolli, A. Subject Index to Chapter Headings in the Cambridge Medieval History (New York, 1950). Ref. D117 C3 Index.

  • *Dictionary of the Middle Ages. New York, 1982. Ref. D114 D5 1982 v. 1 12 + index.

  • Haberkern, E. and J. F. Wallach. Hilfswoerterbuch fuer Historiker. Bern, 1964. Ref. D9 H2.

  • Shorey, R. F. Chronology of the Medieval World. New York, 1973. Ref. D118 S855.

  • Grimal, P. (ed.). Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Translated by A. Maxwell-Hyslop. New York, 1985. Ref. BL715 .G713 1986.

  • Guirand, F. (ed.). New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology. Translated by R. Aldington and D. Ames. New York, 1968. Ref. BL310 G85 1968 (in the Theological Reference Area).

  • Grant, M. Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B.C.-A.D. 1000. New York, 1980. Ref. PA31 G7.

  • Finley, M. (ed.). Atlas of Classical Archaeology. New York, ca. 1977. Ref. G1046 E15 A8 1977.

  • van der Heyden, A. A. M. and H. H. Scullard. Atlas of the Classical World. New York, 1959. Ref. DE29 H463.

  • Boardman, J. et al., (eds.). Oxford History of the Classical World. New York, 1986. DE59 O94 1986.

  • Travlos, J. Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Athens. New York, 1971. Ref. NA280 T68.

  • Nash, E. Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome. London, 1961-62. NA310 N28 v. 1-2.

  • *Guthrie, W. K. C. A History of Greek Philosophy. Cambridge, 1962-. B171 G83 (in the Classics Reading Room; but see the Library for a more complete set).

  • *Armstrong, A. H. (ed.). The Cambridge History of Later Greek and Early Medieval Philosophy. Cambridge, 1970. B171 A79 (in the Classics Reading Room).

Handbooks and Histories of Greek and Latin Literature

The following list demonstrates the utility and good sense of learning both German and French if you intend to do serious research on the ancient world. If you are English-bound, there are still some good handbooks available, notably those by Lesky (translated from the original German) and Rose (an original English-language product); many a classicist also has a warm spot in his heart for Duff. However, the nature of handbooks is that scholars love to read 'em and disagree with 'em. So you should use them with caution. That said, here's the list:

Bardon, H. La littZrature latine inconnue. Paris, 1952. PA6005 B37 v. 1 2.

Bernhardy, G. Grundriss der rsmischen Litteratur. Braunschweig, 1872. PA6007 B5 1872.

Beye, Charles R. Ancient Greek Literature and Society. Second edition. Ithaca (NY), 1987. PA3052 .B4 1987.

Buechner, K. Roemische Literaturgeschichte; ihre Gruendzuge in interpretiernder Darstellung. Stuttgart, 1957. PA6007 B8.

Christ, W. von. Geschichte der griechischen Litteratur bis auf die Zeit Justinians. Third edition. Munich, 1898. (= MYllers Handbuch, vol. 7). PA3057 C45.

Courcelle, Pierre. Late Latin Writers and their Greek Sources. Cambridge (MA), 1969. Translation by H. Wedeck. PA3081 C75. Nota bene: use this version rather than the older French original (D5 B4 fasc. 159), which is based on an earlier French edition.

Duff, J. A Literary History of Rome from the Origins to the Close of the Golden Age. London, 1953 (second edition). PA6003 D8 1953. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

A Literary History of Rome in the Silver Age, from Tiberius to Hadrian. London, 1960. PA6042 H3. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

Frank, T. Life and Literature in the Roman Republic. Berkeley, 1930. PA6011 F7.

Glover, T. R. Life and Letters in the Fourth Century. Cambridge, 1901. DG312 G5.

Hadas, Moses. A History of Greek Literature. New York, 1950. PA3052 H3 1950.

A History of Latin Literature. New York, 1952. PA6004 H3.

Jaeger, Werner. Paideia. The Ideals of Greek Culture. Trans. G. Highet. New York, 1943-5. DF77 J274 v. 1-3.

Kenney, E. J. (ed.). Cambridge History of Classical Literature. New York, 1982. PA6003 L3 v. 1-2.

Krumbacher, K. Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur. New York, no date. (Reprint of Munich, 1897 edition [= MYllers Handbuch, vol. 9]). PA5110 K7 v. 1-2.

Labriolle, Pierre de. Histoire de la littZrature latin chrZtienne. Third edition. Paris, 1947. BR67 L2 v. 1-2.

Lesky, A. History of Greek Literature. London, 1966. PA3057 L4. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

Norden, E. Die roemische Literatur. Leipzig, 1954. PA6007 N6.

Rose, H. J. A Handbook of Greek Literature. New York, 1934. PA3052 R6.

A Handbook of Latin Literature. London, 1936. PA6003 R6.

Sandys, J. A Companion to Latin Studies. Third edition. Cambridge, 1921. DG77 S3 1921.

Schmid, W. and O. Staehlin. Geschichte der griechischen literatur. Munich, 1929. (= Muellers Handbuch, vol. 7; replaces Christ). PA3057 S3 v. 1-5.

Teuffel, W. and C. Schwabe. Teuffel's History of Roman Literature. Trans. G. Warr. London, 1900. PA6007 T55 1900 v. 1-2.

Whibley, L., ed. A Companion to Greek Studies. Cambridge, 1916. DF77 W5 1916; also in Ref. DF77 W5 1931.

Wright, F. A History of Later Greek Literature from the Death of Alexander in 323 B.C. to the Death of Justinian in 565 A.D. London, 1932. PA3054 W7. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

Concordances, Lexicons, and Specialized Bibliographies

The primary lexicons for scholarly study of ancient texts

Liddell, H., R. Scott and H. Jones. A Greek-English Lexicon with a Supplement, ninth edition. Oxford, 1968. Ref. PA445 E4 L7 1968 in the Classics Reading Room. Known simply as "LSJ 9."

Lampe, G. W. H. A Patristic Greek Lexicon. Oxford, 1968. Ref. PA445 E5 L3 in the Classics Reading Room. Sometimes known as "the Lampe unto my feet."

Bauer, W. (ed.), trans. by W. Arndt and F. Gingrich. A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature. Chicago, 1957. (A later edition exists.) Ref. PA881 B38 1968 in the Classics Reading Room. Known as Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich.

Lewis, C. and C. Short. A Latin Dictionary. Oxford, 1879. Ref. PA2365 E5 A7 in the Classics Reading Room.

Glare, P. The Oxford Latin Dictionary. Oxford, 1982. Ref. PA2365 E5 O9 1982 in the Classics Reading Room (in fascicles); also in the Theological Reference Section (library, 4th floor). Known as "OLD."

Specialized dictionaries and lexicons include

Blaise, A. et al. Dictionnaire Latin-Francais des auteurs chrZtiens. Paris, 1954. Ref. PA2308 .B6.

Calvin, J. Lexicon iuridicium iuris caesarei. Geneva, 1640. Ref. PA2361 C3. (How could I omit this one?)

Lessing, C. Scriptorum historiae Augustae lexicon. Leipzig, 1901-06. Ref. PA2361 L4.

Carpenter, D. et al. Glossarium mediae et infimae latinitatis. Niort, 1883-. Ref. PA2889 D8.

Prinz, O. Mittellateinisches Woerterbuch bis zum ausgehenden 13. Jahrhundert. Munich, 1967. Ref. PA2889 M5 v. 1; index to this work is at Ref. PA2889 M5 Index.

Blatt, F. et al. Novum Glossarium Mediae Latinitatis ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC. Hafniae, 1957. Ref. PA2893 N6.

Boswinkel, E. et al. Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Aegypten. Leiden, 1976. Ref. PA3303 Z5 B4 v.6.

Preisigke, F. Woerterbuch der griechischen Papyrusurkunden. Berlin, 1925. Ref. PA3369 P75 v. 1-3.

Cunliffe, R. A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect. London, 1924. Ref. PA4209 C8.

Dunbar, H. A Complete Concordance to the Odyssey of Homer. Revised and enlarged by B. Mazullo. Oxford, 1880 (repr. Hildesheim, 1962). PA4209 D7.

Prendergast, G. A Complete Concordance to the Iliad of Homer. Revised and enlarged by B. Mazullo. London, 1875 (repr. Hildesheim, 1962). PA4209 P7.

Autenrieth, G. Homeric Dictionary. Chicago, 1904. Ref. PA4209 Z5 A9 1904.

Ellendt, F. Lexicon sophocleum. Berlin, 1872 (repr. Hildesheim, 1958). Ref. PA4434 Z8 1958.

Allen, J. and G. Italie. Concordance to Euripides. Berkeley, 1954. Ref.PA3992 Z8.

Todd, O. Index Aristophaneus. Cambridge, 1932. PA3888 Z8 T6.

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Note: An Ibycus Scholarly Computer with CD-ROM unit is available in the Classics Reading Room for word searches in nearly all of the authors in the Berkowitz-Squitier Canon of Greek Authors and Works, and the Latin authors on the PHI CD. The Ibycus computer is also capable of word-processing in English, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic. The CETEDOC library of patristic and medieval Christian authors is now available in the Theological Reference Section of the Library; Prof. Williams has prepared a beginner's guide to this resource.

Collections of Patristic Literature

These volumes can are located in Calvin's library.

  • *Migne, J. P. Patrologiae cursus completus. Series graeca. Paris, 1857 87. Vols. 1-161 in 166. Usually known simply as "Migne", "Patrologia graeca" or "PG". Microcard; Calvinism Collection, Fourth Floor.

  • *Patrologiae cursus completus. Series latina. Paris, 1844-82. Vols. 1-221. Usually known simply as "Migne", "Patrologia latina" or "PL". Microcard; Calvinism Collection, Fourth Floor.

  • *Various editors. Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum. Vienna, 1866- (vols. 1-88). Usually abbreviated as CSEL. BR60 C6 v. 1-.

  • *Various editors. Corpus Christianorum. Series latina. Turnholt, 1954- (vols. 1-143b). BR60 C49 v. 1-.

Serials and Periodicals
These volumes can are located in Calvin's library.

American Journal of Archaeology CC1 A6 (1945-; v. 49-)

American Journal of Philology PA1 A5 (1954-; v. 75-)

*Anglo-Saxon England DA152.2 A75 (1972-91, v. 1-20)

Antiquity CC1 A7 (1927-46; Mar. 1980-; v. 1-20; 54:210-)

Archaeology GN700 A725 (1978-; v. 31-)

Archaeometry CC1 A8 (Feb., 1970-; v. 12-)

Archaeological Reports DF10 J82 (1959-60 -) [shelved in stacks]

Archiv fuer Begriffsgeschichte B49 A7 (1955-76; 1979-; v. 1-20; 23-)

Archiv fuer Geschichte der Philosophie B3 A69 (1960-; v. 42-)

Archiv fuer Philosophie B3 A695 (Sept. 1950-1964; v. 4-13.2)

Arethusa PA1 A7 (1968-; v. 1-)

Arion PA1 A72 (1926-70; 1973-76; v. 1-9; n.s. 1-3; ser. 3, v. 1)

*Augustinian Studies BR1720 A9 A8 (v. 1, 3-16)

*Biblica BS410 B7 (1920-; v. 1-)

*Biblical Archaeologist BS620 A1 B5 (1938-; v. 1-)

*Biblical Archaeology Review BS620 A1 B52 (1978-; v. 4-)

Bibliotheca Orientalis Z3001 B5 (Sept. 1953-; v. 10:5-)

*Bibliotheca Sacra BR1 B8 (1911-52; 1954-; v. 21-66; 68-109, 111-)

Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance CB 361 B5 (1943; 1949; 1959-; v. 3, 11, 21-)

*Biblische Zeitschrift BS40 B83 (July 1964-; v. 8.2-)

*Bulletin de theologie ancienne et medievale Z7753.B8 v. 1-3 (1929-40)

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research DS101 A6 (1938-; sporadic issues prior to 1938; v. 1-100 on microfilm)

Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library Z921 M18 B8 (Aut. 1972-; v.55-)

Cahiers de civilisation medievale CB3 C3 (1958-1975; v. 1-18)

*Church History BR140 A45 (1932-; v. 1-)

Classical Antiquity PA1 C38 (Apr. 1982-; v. 1-)

Classical Association Proceedings PA11 C6 (1981-; v. 78-)

Classical Journal PA1 C4 (Oct. 1923-; v. 19-)

Classical Outlook PA1 C46 (1936-Jun. 1951; 1952-; v. 14-28.4; 29.4-)

Classical Philology PA1 C5 (1906-; v. 1-)

Classical Quarterly PA1 C6 (1952-; v. 2-)

Classical Review PA1 C7 (1887-1950; 1951-; v. 1-64; n.s. v. 1-)

Classical Weekly PA1 C8 (Oct. 1, 1928-May 20, 1957; v. 22-50; see next entry)

Classical World PA 1 C8 (Oct. 1957-; v. 51-)

Comparative Literature PN851 C595 (1949-; v. 1-)

Diacritics PN80 D5 (1979-; v. 9-)

Didaskalos PA1 D5 (1963-77; v. 1-5) [shelved in stacks]

Dumbarton Oaks Papers N5970 O8 (1942-; v. 1-)

Ethnology GN1 E86 (1964-; v. 3-)

(Les) Etudes Classiques AS241 E8 (1957-; v. 25-)

(The) Explicator PR1 E9 (1942-; v. 1-)

*Filologia Neotestamentaria B 410 F5 (1988-; v. 1-)

Filosofia B4 F5 (1970-; v. 21-)

Gnomon PA3 G6 (1952-; v. 24-)

Greece & Rome DE1 G7 (Oct. 1931-1953; 1954-; v. 1-14; 15; 43; 45; n.s. 1-)

*Greek Orthodox Theological Review BX 200 G8 (Aug. 1954; Apr. 1956; 1957-; v. 1.1, 2.1, 3)

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies DE1 G73 (1958-; v. 1-)

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology PA27 H25 (1956-; v. 61-)

*Harvard Theological Review BR1 H4 (1908-1950; 1952-; v. 1-)

Hermes PA3 H5 (1955-; v. 83-)

Hesperia DF10 B4 (1978-; v. 47-)

Historia D51 H5 (1978-; v. 27-)

Historische Zeitschrift D1 H6 (1963-; V. 196 -)

Illinois Classical Studies PA1 I42 (v. 1-4) [shelved in stacks]

Illustrated Archaeologist DA20 I29 (Jun. 1893-Sept. 1894; v. 1-2)

International Journal of Middle East Studies DS41 I55 (1971-; v. 2-)

International Medieval Bibliography Ref. Z6203 I6 (1967-; v. 1-)

Italia Medioevale e Umanistica PA9 I8 (1958-; v. 1-)

JACT Review PA1 J3 (Aug. 1984-; v. 1-)

*(Jerusalem.) Studium Biblicum Franciscanum BS410 J4 (1954/55-; v. 5-)

*Journal for the Study of Judaism BM1 J6 (1970-; v. 1-)

*Journal for the Study of the New Testament BS410 J682 (1978-; v. 1-)

*Journal for the Study of the Old Testament BS 410 J68 (1976-; v. 1-)

*Journal of Biblical Literature BS410 J7 (1881-Mar. 1921; Oct. 1921-; v. 1-40.1; 40.3-)

*Journal of Ecclesiastical History BR140 J6 (1950-; v. 1-)

Journal of Hellenic Studies DF10 J8 (1930-41; 1951-; v. 50-61; 71-)

Journal of Near Eastern Studies DS41 J6 (1945-; v. 4-)

*Journal of Northwest Semetic Languages PJ300 J59 (1984-; v. 12-)

*Journal of Religion BR1 J65 (1921-; v. 1-)

Journal of Religious Thought BR1 J67 (Spr. 1946-Sum. 1947; Aut. 1949-; v. 3.2-4.2; 6-)

Journal of Roman Studies DG11 J7 (1951-; v. 41-)

*Journal of Semetic Studies PJ3001 J6 (1964-; v. 9-)

Journal of the History of Ideas B1 J75 (1940-; v. 1-)

Journal of the History of Philosophy B1 A214 (1963-; v. 1-)

Latinitas PA2009 L3 (1956-; v. 4.2-)

Levant DS56 L48 (1969-; v. 1-)

Manuscripta Z6602 M3 (Feb. 1957-; v. 1-)

Mnemosyne PA9 M6 (1952-; v. 5-)

Museum Helveticum PA3 M73 (1957-; v. 14-)

*(The) New Scholasticism B1 N4 (1949-; v. 23-)

*New Testament Studies BS410 N4 (May 1954-July 1958, Oct. 1964-1986; v. 1-4, 11-32)

*Novum Testamentum BS410 N6 (1956-; v. 1-)

*Numen BL1 N8 (1954-; v. 1-)

Orientalia PJ6 O7 (1958-; v. 27-)

Palestine Exploration Quarterly DS101 P15 (1961-; v. 93-)

Past and Present D1 P3 (Feb. 1952-; v. 1-)

Philological Quarterly P1 P55 (Jan. 1949; July 1959-; v. 28.1; 38.3-)

Philosophy and Literature PN49 P5 (Fall, 1976-; v. 1-)

Phoenix PA1 P48 (1946/47; 1955-; v. 1; 9-)

Phronesis B1 P59 (Nov. 1956-; v. 1-)

Religious Studies Review Ref. Z7751 R38 (Sept. 1975-; v. 1-)

*Revue Benedictine BX3001 R4 (1966-; v. 149-)

*Revue Biblique BS410 R3 (1953; 1956-; v. 9-)

*Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique BX940 R5 (1957; 1958; 1960-; v. 52, 53:2-4; 55-)

*Revue de l'Histoire des Religions BL3 R4 (1956-; v. 149-)

Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale B2 R2 (1970-75; v. 75-80)

*Revue de Qumran BM1 R4 (July 1958-; v. 1-)

*Revue des Etudes Augustiniennes BX2901 R4 (1964-; v. 10-)

Revue des Etudes Grecques DF10 R4 (1913-27; 1957-78; 1980-; v. 26-40; 70-91; 93-)

Revue des Etudes Latins PA2002 R4 (1957-; v. 34-)

Revue Philosophique B2 R4 (1952-74; v. 142-165)

Rheinisches Museum fuer Philologie PA3 R4 (1847-1895; v. 5-50) [shelved in stacks]

Scriptorium Z108 S35 (1946-; v. 1-)

Societe d'histoire et d'archeologie de Geneve Bulletin DQ441 S7 (1892 1958; v. 1-11)

Speculum PN661 S6 (1926-; v. 1-)

Stimmen aus Maria-Laach AP30 S7 (1913-14; v. 86-87)

Studies in Philology P25 S8 (1906-; v. 1-)

Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Z1008C2 (1954-; v.2-)

*Trinity Journal BR1 T72 (1971-78; 1980-; v. 1-7; n.s. v. 1-)

*Vetus Testamentum BS410 V45 (1951-; v. 1-)

*Vigiliae Christianae BR66 V5 (1947-; v. 1-)

*Vivarium B1 A3 (Nov. 1963-; v. 1:2-)

Yale Classical Studies PA25 Y3 (v. 10, 18-) [shelved in stacks]

Yale Journal of Criticism PN80 Y3 (Fall 1987-; v. 1-)

*Zeitschrift fuer die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft BS410 Z4 (1897 1938; 1951-; v. 17-41:3-15; n.s. 63-)

*Zeitschrift fuer die neutestmentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der aelteren Kirche BS410 Z6 (1919-38; 1950-; v. 19-37; 44-)

*Zeitschrift fuer Kirchengeschichte BR140 Z4 (1920-39; 1961-; v. 38-58; 72-)

*Zeitschrift fuer Religions- und Geistesgeschichte BL4 Z462 (1966-; v. 18 )

*Zeitschrift fuer Theologie und Kirche BR4 Z75 (1891-Mar. 1950; 1952-; v. 1-47:1; 49-)

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