The study of the classics can offer the base for so many other majors and offer complimentary study to any field you are interested in. The classics minor features skills such as linguistic proficiency, multiple writing techniques, and a deeper knowledge and engagement with Greco-Roman culture.

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(18-24 semester hours)

  • CLAS-211 Classical Literature
  • CLAS-221 Classical Art and Architecture
  • CLAS-231 Classical Mythology
  • HIST-261 Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Three from:
    • HIST-231 Ancient Near East
    • HIST-232 Hellenistic and Late Antique Near East, 350 B.C. to A.D. 900
    • HIST-262 Saints and Heroes in Dark-Age Europe, 400-1000
    • HIST-263 Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1000-1500
    • HIST-264 Reformation and Revolution: Europe 1500-1800
    • PHIL-251 History of Western Philosophy I
    • Any course in Greek or Latin (students who complete two courses in Greek or two courses in Latin need only one more elective from this list)

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