The Chinese language major includes eight Chinese language courses, the last two of which are literature courses, plus at least four Asian culture classes. Students may also minor in Chinese language or earn a group minor in Chinese studies.


Calvin University is the only Christian university in North America to offer comprehensive study of the languages and cultures of East Asia. China and Japan alone account for nearly one-quarter of the world's population and are among the top economies in the world. Korea also looms large in world affairs.

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Three full-time faculty members teach in Asian studies, specializing in languages, history and religion. In addition, several professors in other departments offer courses on Asia, so that the program includes courses from philosophy, political science, art, economics and business. In addition, two part-time native speakers teach the upper-level language courses.

Off Campus Opportunities

May in China

Offered every spring, this three-week course gives students an opportunity to experience daily life in China by taking them to the large, model urban centers of Beijing and Dalian, as well as to a less developed city like Datong and to the countryside around the Wutai Mountains in northwest China.
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IDIS W40 China Business and Engineering

China’s emerging economy has a large impact on today’s world, especially in business and engineering. During this interim students spend three weeks in China meeting with business and engineering professionals who are part of this reshaping of the global economy.
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Semester in China

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this off-campus program has been suspended. The information on this page is available for reference and planning purposes, but may no longer be accurate. If and when Calvin is able to re-open this and other off-campus programs, information will be provided at the main Off-Campus Programs website. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Off-Campus Programs office.

For years, China was shrouded in mystery to westerners, but now this 1.3 billion person nation has opened itself up to the outside world. Spend a semester alongside expert professors and curious peers studying all things Chinese, both traditional and modern.

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