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Over the past decade, Calvin College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has been awarded over $8.8 million in grants to fund our rigorous year-round research program.

  • Awarded in 2016: $4,925
    Calvin Center For Christian Scholarship: Awarded to R. Baker, A. Wilstermann, and S. Nelesen for Building a Community of Scientists: the development of a new collaborative project at Calvin College—$4,925
  • Awarded in 2014: $796,939
    • Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation Scholars Program: Awarded to 
      C. Anderson, D. Benson, B. Looyenga, L. Louters, K. Sinniah, C. Tatko, D. Vander Griend, A. Shen, J. Ubels, and J. Wertz$104,000
    • NIH National Cancer Institute: Awarded to B. Looyenga for Cooperative Cellular Transformation by LRRK2 and MET in Renal Neoplasms—$295,939
    • The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation: Awarded to R. DeKock from the Senior Scientist Program for 2014—$20,000
    • NIH R15 Grant: Awarded to L. Louters, E. Arnoys, and B. Looyenga for Mechanism for Acute Activation of GLUT1—$377,000

  • Awarded in 2013: $419,700
    • Lily Foundation: "Connecting New Faculty to Teaching Mentors", Dean Ward, PI; Herb Fynewever and Julie Walton, co-PI's; $9,700
    • National Science Foundation: Doug Vander Griend, "RUI: Equilibrium Studies of Solution Phase Self-Assembly"—$180,000
    • National Science Foundation: Carolyn Anderson, "RUI: Synthesis of Highly Functionalized N-Alkyl 2-Pyridones" —$230,000 (May 2013 to April 2016)
  • Awarded in 2012: $804,663
    • Grand Rapids Community Foundation: Larry Louters for Introducing Minority Youth to Scientific Research—$4,720
    • National Science Foundation, S-STEM Program: Dave Benson was co-PI on Expanding Computation for Interdisciplinary Science—$599,953 (5/26/2012 to 7/25/2012).
    • National Science Foundation-RUI: Herbert Fynewever, David Koetje, Randall Pruim, Randall Van Dragt, and Amy Wilstermann—$199,990
  • Awarded in 2011: $354,515
    • Grand Rapids Community Foundation: Larry Louters for Engaging Minority Youth in the Sciences—$3,500
    • National Science Foundation-RUI: David Benson, Chad Tatko, and co-PI—$344,015
    • American Chemical Society Project SEED: Eric Arnoys, Dave Benson, Mark Muyskens, Kumar Sinniah, Chad Tatko, and Amy Wilstermann—$7,000
  • Awarded in 2010: $1,377,902
    • National Science Foundation-ARI-R2: David Benson, David DeHeer, Randall Pruim, Chad Tatko, and Matthew Walhout—$951,150
    • National Science Foundation-RUI: Kumar Sinniah—$211,907
    • American Chemical Society Project SEED: David Benson, Mark Muyskens, Chad Tatko, Roger DeKock, and Doug Vander Griend—$6,200
    • National Science Foundation: Kumar Sinniah, and David Benson and Amy Wilstermann—$208,645
  • Awarded in 2009: $1,635,515
    • National Institutes of Health Senior Research Fellowship: Kumar Sinniah—$44,915

    • National Science Foundation: Crystal Bruxvoort and Deanna van Dijk—$185,003

    • National Science Foundation: Chad Tatko, Amy Wilstermann, David Benson, and Eric Arnoys—$487,470

    • National Science Foundation: David Benson, Chad Tatko, John Wertz, Amy Wilstermann, and Randy DeJong—$279,000

    • NIH: National Institutes of Health: Larry Louters—$223,050

    • National Science Foundation: Carolyn Anderson—$170,000

    • National Science Foundation: Doug Vander Griend—$126,000

    • American Chemical Society: Doug Vander Griend—$65,000

    • NIH: National Institutes of Health: Kumar Sinniah—$55,077

  • Awarded in 2008: $1,610,610
    • HHMI: Eric Arnoys, David DeHeer, Randall Pruim, and Chad Tatko—$1,100,000
    • Office of Naval Research: Dave Benson—$289,217
    • National Science Foundation Supplemental Grant: Crystal Bruxvoort, Rachel Reed, and James Jadrich—$99,968
    • Beckman Foundation: Carolyn Anderson; Eric Arnoys; Ronald Blankespoor, Roger DeKock, Keith Grasman, Arlene Hoogewerf, Larry Louters, Stephen Matheson, Kumar Sinniah, and John Ubels—$77,200
    • Research Corporation-Cottrell College Science Award: Chad Tatko—$44,225
  • Awarded in 2005: $205,864
    • National Institutes of Health (NIH): Kumar Sinniah—$188,964
    • University of Virginia: Larry Louters—$16,900
  • Awarded in 2004: $411,575
    • National Science Foundation (NSF): Eric Arnoys, Arlene Hoogewerf, David Koetje, Stephen Matheson, and John Ubels—$174,298
    • Metanexus Institute: Arie Leegwater—$15,000
    • National Science Foundation (NSF): Mark Muyskens and Karen Muyskens—$222,277

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