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Current and past research and scholarship

An Alternative to Lewis-Acid Catalysis Ongoing Chad Tatko
Biocatalytic Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel Ongoing Chad Tatko
Bioisosteres and Methodology Ongoing Michael Barbachyn
Equilibrium Restricted Factor Analysis of Spectroscopic Data Ongoing Douglas Vander Griend NSF; ACS Petroleum Research Fund
Formative Assessment Inside and Outside the Classroom Ongoing Herbert Fynewever
Inorganic Thermochromic Materials Ongoing Douglas Vander Griend NSF; ACS Petroleum Research Fund
Modeling Molecules Using Computational Chemistry Ongoing Roger DeKock
Nanobiosensors Ongoing David Benson Office of Naval Research
Peptides Mimicking Nature: The Crucial Role of Aromatics Ongoing Chad Tatko
Photochemical Study of the Elimination of Hydrogen Fluoride Ongoing Mark Muyskens
Post-translational modifications of G protein functions Ongoing Rachael Baker
Proteins and the Nuclei of Mammalian Cells Ongoing Eric Arnoys
Regulation of Glucose Uptake Ongoing Larry Louters
Single Molecule Studies of Biological Systems by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Ongoing Kumar Sinniah
Synthetic methodologies for preparing N-alkyl pyridones Ongoing Carolyn Anderson National Science Foundation; Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Synthetic Nanotechnology Ongoing Douglas Vander Griend NSF; ACS Petroleum Research Fund
The Scope and Mechanism of Racemic Carbonate Reactions Ongoing Ronald Blankespoor