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Elements of Success

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Elements of Success is an interactive display that celebrates Calvin University faculty, staff, and alumni who have made important contributions to the field of chemistry and biochemistry. This display was made possible by a generous donation from Tom and Lois Dykstra.

When you visit the Elements of Success display, you'll learn about the diverse group of teachers and learners who have formed the chemistry and biochemistry community at Calvin over the decades, along with the historical figures who have inspired them. Each block on the display highlights an individual person as well as an element from the periodic table of elements.

Location and hours

Elements of Success is located in DeVries Hall outside the office of the department of chemistry and biochemistry (DeVries Hall 100). It is open to the public during DeVries Hall's normal hours. See hours and location information for DeVries Hall.

Find someone on the display

Use the tabs below, organized alphabetically by last name, to find where a particular person is location on the Elements of Success display.

  • A - B (last name)
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    Cheri Ackerman Os (Osmium) Alumni
    Bob Albers Bi (Bismuth) Emeriti
    Carolyn Anderson C (Carbon) Emeriti
    Eric Arnoys Er (Erbium) Faculty 1999-present
    Rachael Baker Pa (Protactinium) Faculty 2014-present
    Mike Barbachyn S (Sulfur) Emeriti 2012-2023
    Dave Benson Fe (Iron) Faculty 2018-present
    Julie Bingley Cn (Copernicium) Alumni 2008
    Ronald Blankespoor Kr (Kryton) Emeriti 1977-2021
    Nick Boersma B (Boron) Faculty 2003-present
    Herman Broene Tm (Thulium) Emeriti 1956-1984
    Phil Brondsema Rf (Rutherfordium) Alumni 1978
    Roger Brummel No (Nobelium) Alumni
    Crystal Bruxvoort Ag (Silver) Faculty 2005-present
  • C - F
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    Uma Chowdhry Ti (Titanium) Famous chemist
    Harry Dekker Te (Tellerium) Emeriti 1921-1957
    Roger DeKock O (Oxygen) Emeriti 1976-2014
    John DeVries Ra (Radium) Emeriti 1939-1967
    Jodi Dickerson Co (Cobalt) Faculty 2013-present
    Thedford P. Dirkse Lr (Lawrencium) Emeriti 1947-1980
    Anand Divakaran Ca (Calcium) Alumni
    Luis Echegoyen Ge (Germanium) Famous chemist
    Nathan Frazier Am (Americium) Alumni 2012
    Kurt Frisch V (Vanadium) Advisory board
    Kurt Fynewever Hf (Hafnium) Faculty 2009-present
  • H - L
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    Kathryn Hamilton Cr (Chromium) Alumni
    Alma Levant Hayden Nb (Niobium) Famous chemist
    S. Kent Hoekman W (Tungsten) Alumni 1975
    Ren Homan Mo (Molybdenum) Advisory board
    Percy Lavon Julian In (Indium) Famous chemist
    Al Kraker Zn (Zinc) Advisory board
    Katie Kwiatkowski Ru (Ruthenium) Faculty 2023-present
    Yuan T. Lee Cs (Caesium) Famous chemist
    Arie Leegwater Ar (Argon) Emeriti 1978-2007
    Brendon Looyenga Mg (Magnesium) Emeriti 2013-2021
    Larry Louters H (Hydrogen) Emeriti 1984-2018
  • M - P
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    Todd Martinez Ts (Tennessine) Alumni
    Samuel P. Massie Pm (Promethium) Famous chemist
    Darla McCarthy Na (Sodium) Emeriti 2000-2012
    Lyndsie Meador Pt (Platinum) Alumni 2017
    Maud Menten Hs (Hassium) Famous chemist
    Karen Muyskens Xe (Xenon) Emeriti
    Mark Muyskens F (Flourine) Faculty 1989-present
    Vincent K. Nartey Fl (Flerovium) Famous chemist
    Donna Nelson Yb (Ytterbium) Famous chemist
    Eric Nollet Mt (Meitnerium) Faculty
    Katherine Pasma Fr (Francium) Staff 2023-present
    Charles John Pederson Ac (Actinium) Famous chemist
    Ken Piers He (Helium) Emeriti 1968-2014
  • R - U
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    Norbert Rilieux Np (Neptunium) Famous chemist
    Dave Ross Hg (Mercury) Faculty 2017-present
    Omowunmi Sadik Og (Oganesson) Famous chemist
    Kumar Sinniah Au (Gold) Faculty 1995-present
    Brian Swierenga Tb (Terbium) Advisory board
    Estella Tamungang Y (Yttrium) Alumni
    Chad Tatko Dy (Dysprosium) Faculty 2006-present
    Paul Urane Pb (Lead) Alumni 2012
  • V - Z
    Name Element (location) Role Years at Calvin
    William Van Doorne Pr (Praseodymium) Emeriti 1966-2001
    Elise Van Noord Es (Einsteinium) Faculty
    Douglas Vander Griend N (Nitrogen) Faculty 2002-present
    Rianna VanderGaast Be (Beryllium) Advisory board
    Leonard Vanderlugt Eu (Europium) Emeriti 1955-1971
    Brad Veldkamp Ni (Nickel) Faculty 2023-present
    Erin Vogel Pd (Palladium) Advisory board
    Laura Westrate La (Lanthanum) Faculty 2018-present
    Enno Wolthuis Sb (Antimony) Emeriti 1949-1976
    Tu Youyou Sg (Seaborgium) Famous chemist
    Ahmed Zewail At (Astatine) Famous chemist

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