Calvin's marketing concentration

Do you want to use your analytical and creative mind by implementing strategies to identify and satisfy the wants and needs of customers? A marketing major—offered with concentrations in analytics & research, marketing management, and professional selling—will harness your talents as you study consumer behavior, advertising, strategic marketing, and marketing plans for businesses and non-profits.

Marketing is a broad business discipline that includes advertising, branding, sales, digital media, product development, pricing, distribution, and market research all working together to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Marketers seek to understand their customers in order to deliver goods and services in a way that brings them the most value.  Learn how this can be done in ways that glorify God and promote human flourishing.

The BA in Marketing is offered in three concentrations:

Note: beginning in fall 2019, the marketing major (with its three concentrations) will replace the marketing concentration within a business major. All new or prospective students considering a marketing major should use the 2019 New Marketing Major Info tab to plan their academic path. All business students should consult with their academic advisor to discuss how these changes will affect their academic goals.

  • Analytics & Research: Learn research and data analytic techniques needed to understand consumers, culture and the business environment to enable the creation of marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Management: Learn how to develop strategies and implement marketing programs to create value for an organization and the consumers they serve.
  • Professional Selling: Learn the skills of relationship selling and caring for customers.

Careers in marketing

Marketing majors often work in the following jobs: Product and brand management, product promotion, sales, customer service, market research, or supply chain management.

Marketing at Calvin

In your marketing courses you will learn to:

  • Study customers and segment markets
  • Develop, price and promote products and services
  • Create marketing strategies that are effective and profitable
  • Market in ways that glorify God and promote human flourishing

Considering marketing? 

If you possess the following characteristics and skills, marketing could be a good fit for you:

  • Strong strategic thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • High levels of empathy
  • Natural interest in people and psychology

Recent internships

Each year, more than 90% of business and accounting students complete internships. Marketing students find placements in a wide variety of local and international businesses. Just a few of these internships include:

  • Gordon Food Services
  • Steelcase
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Wolverine World Wide
  • Herman Miller
  • The Stow Company

Beginning in fall 2019, the marketing major (with its three concentrations) will replace the marketing concentration within the business major. Below is an example academic plan for achieving the new human resource management major in four years, followed by a complete list of courses required for the major. You can also download this information as a PDF document.

Four-year plan for the marketing major

Below is an example four-year plan, showing required major course and cognates for the BA Marketing. This table shows the new course numbers which will start fall 2019, with current class numbers and credit hours in parentheses.  Note that for entry into 300-level courses in the BA Marketing major, students must achieve at least a “C” in BUS 101, BUS 201, and ACCT 203.







BUS 101 (BUS 160) (3)
IS 175 (3)

IDIS 150/ DCM (3)

STAT 143, PSYC 255, or SOC 255 (4)
CAS 101, 141 or ART 153 (3)



ECON 221 (3)
ACCT 203 (3)
BUS 201 (BUS 360) (3)


ECON 222 (3)
ACCT 204 (4)
MKTG 301 (BUS 380) (3)



Marketing Elective 1: ECON 343, PSYC 256, or SOC 355 (3-4)

Off campus?

BUS 392 (BUS 362) (3)
MKTG 310 or 303 (BUS 381) (3)



BUS 393 (BUS 396) (3)
MKTG 302 (3)
Marketing Elective 2 (3)

Off campus?

BUS 394 (BUS 397) (3)
Marketing Elective 3 (3)

Career or grad school

What should I consider taking now?

  • Take prerequisite courses for BUS 201 (BUS 101, written rhetoric, & IDIS 150) as soon as possible.
  • Take prerequisites courses for MKTG 301 to get the class in semester 4 or 5 (BUS 201, ECON 221) to allow for a good flow of classes and be ready for an internship.
  • Consider the three marketing concentrations and start thinking about which would be best for you.
  • Take Research Methods Marketing Elective: ECON 343, PSYC 256, or SOC 355 (Prof. Selling, also FIN 301) (3-4)
  • Note that FIN 301 (formerly BUS 370) is not required, so only take it if you want to.

Get involved in the Marketing Club to take advantage of the initiatives they offer and to prepare for a leadership role in the club.

Concentrations within the marketing major

There are three concentrations within the 2019 marketing major:

  • Analytics & Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Professional Selling

The course requirements for each of these concentrations is below.

Required course list for the marketing major

The following courses are required by all concentrations within the marketing major:

  • ACCT 203
  • ACCT 204
  • BUS 101
  • BUS 201
  • BUS 392
  • BUS 393
  • BUS 394
  • MKTG 301
  • MKTG 302
  • MKTG 310 (Analytics & Research, Marketing Management concentrations only) or MKTG 303 (Professional Selling concentration only)

In addition to those courses, each concentration requires a number of additional courses specific to that concentration. The following chart lists further course requirements by concentration:

Analytics & Research ConcentrationMarketing Management ConcentrationProfessional Selling Concentration
One from: One from: One from:
BUS 391 MKTG 303 BUS 391
FIN 301 CAS 305 MKTG 310
MKTG 303 CAS 311 CAS 201
ENGL 262 PSYC 310 CAS 285
ENGL 262
One from: One from: One from:
ECON 343 ECON 343 CAS 305
PSYC 256 PSYC 256 CAS 311
SOC 355 SOC 355 PSYC 310
One from: One from: One from:
SOC 391 ARTS 255 FIN 301
STAT 245 BUS 391 ECON 343
CAS 180 PSYC 256
CAS 201 SOC 355
CAS 285
Total Credits in Major: 40-42 Total Credits in Major: 40-41 Total Credits in Major: 40-41
Cognates Cognates Cognates
ECON 221 ECON 221 ECON 221
ECON 222 ECON 222 ECON 222
IS 175 IS 175 IS 175
STAT 143 STAT 143 STAT 143
One from: One from: One from:
ART 153 ART 153 ART 153
CAS 101 CAS 101 CAS 101
CAS 141 CAS 141 CAS 141
Total cognate credits: 16 Total cognate credits: 16 Total cognate credits: 16
Total credits in Major+Cognates: 56-58 Total credits in Major+Cognates: 56-57 Total credits in Major+Cognates: 56-57

Complete course list for the marketing major

Below is a chart listing the 2019 courses for the marketing major.

Course NamesNew Major Course NumberCurrent Course Equivalencies
Managerial Accounting ACCT 203
Financial Accounting ACCT 204
Visual Culture ART 153
Intro to Business BUS 101 BUS 160
Management and Organizational Behavior BUS 201 BUS 360
Business Internship BUS 391 BUS 359
Business Ethics BUS 392 BUS 362
Strategic Management BUS 393 BUS 396
Business Capstone BUS 394 BUS 397
Oral Rhetoric CAS 101
Visual Rhetoric CAS 141
Microeconomics ECON 221
Macroeconomics ECON 222
Research Methods ECON 343
Business Writing ENGL 262
Corporate Finance FIN 301 BUS 370
Productivity Software IS 175
Marketing MKTG 301 BUS 380
Consumer Behavior MKTG 302 BUS 382
Professional Selling MKTG 303 New class
Special Topics Marketing MKTG 310 BUS 381
Fundamntls of Research PSYC 256
Social Research SOC 355
Ethnography SOC 391
Intro to Statistics, or equivalent STAT 143, PSYC 255, SOC 255
Applied Data Analysis STAT 245

  • Course code:
  • Credits:
  • Semester:
  • Department: