The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) with a concentration in Global Management Accounting is designed to be completed in four years. The program focuses on preparing students for a career in management accounting, including preparation for obtaining the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation.

Learning outcomes

Calvin's global management accounting program includes courses designed to prepare students to perform financial and accounting tasks necessary to run a business. These tasks include monitoring costs and budgets, using past trends to predict future needs, and providing assistance in making financial decisions. Program learning outcomes include:

  • Proficiency in developing, measuring, analyzing, and communicating financial information
  • Application of critical thinking and decision making, supported by the appropriate use of analytical and quantitative techniques
  • Conversant in the concepts of the functional areas of business
  • Identification of the global aspects of accounting, business operations, and supply chain management

Core virtues and accounting

  • Honesty – Christians in accounting and business must be persons of high integrity, as their advice has the potential to affect many of the stakeholder groups.
  • Stewardship – Business organizations, and the wealth and opportunity they represent, are to be utilized by Christians to positively impact individuals, society, and creation. As trusted advisors, accountants are in a unique position to influence decisions in this area.
  • Justice – Christians in accounting and business must go beyond the legal minimums in employment and other business dealings.
  • Empathy – Accountants must recognize that their decisions impact numerous human beings who are God’s image bearers, and should therefore display compassion and integrity in their dealings with these individuals.
  • Courage – Christians in accounting and business must be willing to act in accordance with their beliefs.

Experiential learning

  • Participate in Calvin Action Projects (CAP) and work in a team to solve problems for area businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  • Consult for companies like Amway, Fifth Third Bank, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Stryker, and Wolverine World Wide.
  • Explore the world through an interim (January term) abroad.

Complete an internship and connect with employers

  • One significant element of this program is the requirement of an internship in accounting. Managerial accounting is focused on constituencies within an organization; an internship is critical to learning how to research and report in an operational setting.
  • Interact with local, regional, and national employers.
  • Get to know our alumni network, which expands across the United States and throughout the world, including Africa and Asia.
  • Attend events like Accountants’ Night to identify and pursue jobs in accounting and finance.

Course Requirements


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