Calvin's Asian studies program offers multiple options to gain experience outside the traditional classroom setting. From various off-campus programs to internships, there are many opportunities you can take advantage of to enhance your learning experience.

Conversation groups

A significant part of studying a language is learning to speak it—which is why Calvin is committed to giving you as many opportunities as possible to practice. As a student studying Asian languages at Calvin, you will attend regular conversation group sessions with an advanced student leader. Conversation groups are held on a weekly basis and are arranged in class.

Off campus programs

The Hubers Asian studies program offers you various for-credit opportunities for travel to China, Japan, and Korea. There, you'll improve your communication skills by creating relationships with the people whose language you are studying.

Live and learn

If you're studying an Asian language, you may choose to live in a four-person apartment on campus with native speakers of the language you're studying who are also Calvin students, along with other more advanced students of that language.

Get involved in an internship

The Asian Studies Program can arrange for any of our outstanding Chinese or Japanese Language majors to do an English-teaching experience in either China or Japan. Summer interns would have to pay for their own airfare, but we would attempt to arrange homestays with Chinese or Japanese families, so that housing and some meals would be covered. Students doing such an internship would, however, have to pay for some of their meals as well as other living expenses.

Department activities

Broaden your knowledge of Asian culture by attending one of the department's cultural events, held at various times throughout the year. For more information, check the department events page.

Student Organizations