Asian Studies Instructor: Two year teaching position

About the Position

The Asian studies program invites applications for a two year part-time position as a visiting faculty member, to teach courses in Asian studies beginning in September 2018, and to serve as the director of Calvin University's semester program in China in the fall semester of 2019. Candidates with a Ph.D. in either history or religion will be considered; the successful candidate will be housed in the most appropriate department.

Calvin’s Asian studies program offers majors and minors in Chinese, Chinese education, Japanese, and Asian studies. Language instruction is given in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. In addition to eight courses in one of the three major east Asian languages, majors are required to take a minimum of four Asian culture courses, to be chosen from history, religion, philosophy, political science, and art.

Teaching Responsibilities

The successful candidate will teach up to twelve credit hours in the 2018-2019 school year, and two course sections for six credits in spring 2020. These will include:

  • History 245 (East Asia to 1800)
  • History 346 (Modern China)
  • Religion 355 (Buddhism)
  • Religion 356 (Confucianism)

In the fall semester of 2019, the candidate will direct the Calvin University China semester program in Beijing, to include teaching a sequence of Chinese history courses.


$50,000 total in salary and benefits the first year; approximately $60,000 salary and benefits the second year.


A Ph.D. in one of the associated fields is required. Applicants must have conversational ability in Chinese and demonstrate ability to teach effectively using varied methods and instructional technology.

Applicants must be professing Christians who can support the educational mission of Calvin University as a Christian liberal arts university affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church.

To apply, submit online application, including c.v. detailing teaching experience; three references (letters or names and addresses); and letter addressing interest in teaching at a Christian university. Additional information, including official academic transcripts, will be requested of all candidates progressing to the interview stage.

Questions and application materials may be directed to Larry Herzberg, Director of Asian Studies

Application deadline: March 16, 2018

About the University

Calvin University seeks contingent faculty members who are professing Christians able to support the educational mission of Calvin University as a Christian liberal arts university affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, and who have academic and personal qualifications for teaching and scholarship. Calvin is building a tradition of diversity and accessibility and welcomes applications from persons whose personal characteristics will further that commitment. Calvin does not discriminate in the employment of individuals on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, sex, or age. Calvin University is an educational agency of the Christian Reformed Church and, in compliance with Title VII and other applicable law, reserves the right to give preference in employment based upon religion. Persons interested in applying or who wish to make nominations should correspond with the Provost’s office or the respective department chair. Further specifics are posted on the university website:

A complete statement of requirements for faculty can be found in the document Faculty Membership Requirements: A Guide for Prospective Faculty.

Diversity Commitment

Faculty members must demonstrate commitment to establishing effective relationships and positive communication across multiple dimensions of diversity, including, but not limited to, race, gender, physical limitations, class, and religious perspective.