Asian Studies at Calvin provides progressive language instruction in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and in-depth study of the history, religious traditions, philosophical schools, economics, politics, and fine arts of Asia.

Our mission

Calvin College is the only Christian college in North America to offer comprehensive study of the languages and cultures of East Asia. China and Japan alone account for nearly one-quarter of the world's population and are among the top economies in the world. Korea also looms large in world affairs.

Our students

Over 200 students participate in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language courses each semester, while many more participate in courses related to the philosophy, history, literature and religion of East Asia.

Our students go on to work in many fields related to Asian studies both abroad and in North America. Learn more about what our recent graduates are doing around the world.

Our faculty

Professor Larry Herzberg, Associate Professor of Chinese is the director of the Hubers Asian studies program. More than ten faculty members teach courses within the program. Meet with our faculty to talk about your future in the Asian Studies program.

With the help of major contributions from David and Shirley Hubers, other private donors, and grants from Freeman Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Calvin professors in departments like history, religion, philosophy and political science have been able to pursue scholarship in topics related to East Asia. They then incorporate their study into the curriculum, teaching classes such as "History of Modern China," "Buddhism" and "Chinese Thought and Culture."

Our languages


The Chinese language major includes eight Chinese language courses, the last two of which are literature courses, plus at least four Asian culture classes. Students may also minor in Chinese language or earn a group minor in Chinese studies.


he Japanese language major includes eight Japanese language courses, the last two of which are literature courses, plus at least four Asian culture courses, including history, religion and philosophy. Students may also minor in Japanese language or earn a group minor in Japanese studies.


Korean language offerings at Calvin are part of the Hubers Asian Studies program. Students may emphasize in the Korean lanuage as a part of their Asian Studies major.