Our Mission

At Calvin University, we explore things—all things, in fact. We don't mind getting our hands dirty either, as we faithfully and creatively explore every aspect of the world God has given us.

In the art and art history program at Calvin, we respond to God's call to investigate how the visual arts best serve society. How do we address contemporary cultural concerns and where does responsibility to God and to one another come into play? Answering these challenging questions is crucial for anyone who takes Christianity and visual culture seriously.

At Calvin, you will join a close-knit community of creators. We are passionate about supporting each other and helping each other develop artistically, intellectually, and spiritually.

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Quick Facts
  • ALL

    faculty members hold either PhDs or Masters of Fine Arts Degrees in their fields

  • 15

    students are employed each year by the program

  • 18

    students graduate from Calvin University each year with degrees in Studio Art, Art Education, and Art History