Shaping our future by understanding our past

Calvin's archaeology program will teach you to recover and analyze the material remains of past cultures—artifacts, inscriptions, buildings, and ornaments—in the context of their ancient landscapes.

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Archaeology at Calvin

The interdisciplinary archaeology minor may be taken with any major and is designed to give you hands-on experience in the field and familiarity with the theory behind it. You will be qualified for specialized graduate school programs or work and study in related disciplines like biblical studies and ancient history.


The flexible archaeology minor program enables you to tailor your program with your advisor to match your interests and vocational goals. The minor requires two interdisciplinary courses, one geology course, and three electives including one archaeology-related interim course.

Field work

The archaeology program offers a number of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty, from trips to the 2000-year-old Umm el-Jimal site in Jordan to campus lab work and research. These and other opportunities are available in a variety of areas through the archaeology minor committee.


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