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An interdisciplinary minor, African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) is an integrative program intended to deepen students' understanding of a region of the world, and of widely dispersed cultural traditions, that are of increasing significance to global economics, health policy, international development, and Christian theology.

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A quick history lesson

Over a period of almost four centuries, four million Africans were transported to North and South America and the Caribbean in the Atlantic slave trade. Captured from their homeland and separated from their societies and families, they were enslaved in a new world, where all familiar customs were absent.

The African diaspora is the story of how Africans, though dispersed, managed to retain their traditions and reform their identities in a new world. Elements of African culture such as religion, language, and folklore endured and were links to their past lives.

Study abroad!

Calvin University offers a semester abroad in Accra, Ghana. All courses may be applied toward the Africa track of the AADS minor.

Or choose to spend interim in Central or South America, Africa, or the Caribbean. Many options are available each year.

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