Our mission

An interdisciplinary minor, African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) is an integrative program intended to deepen students' understanding of a region of the world, and of widely dispersed cultural traditions, that are of increasing significance to global economics, health policy, international development, and Christian theology. The AADS program will prepare Calvin students, its wider constituency, and community to understand Africa's role in the formation of the Americas and the continent's role in geo-politics and culture.

Our program

A broad choice of courses is offered, making it possible to adapt the minor to a variety of major programs in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. The minor program encompasses study both of Africa and its peoples and of the dispersal of Africans to Europe and the Americas through forced migration and voluntary immigration. Accordingly, students may choose one of two tracks: one that focuses on Africa, the other on the African Diaspora, primarily in the new world. For more information, please visit our academics page.

Our faculty

History professor Eric Washington serves as director of the AADS minor and advises students in the program. Philosophy professor David Hoekema also serves as an advisor.