The Noontime Series consists of free, one-hour programs held Thursdays at 12-1 PM in the Calvin University Chapel.

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Spring 2019 Lectures

February 28— Douglas Cupery, Church Mobilization Director for Crossroads Prison Ministries at Calvin Chapel

 I Was in Prison and You Visited Me

Often hidden and not talked about, the prisoner is forgotten by society. We assume once a person is convicted, sentenced, and incarcerated, that the problem is taken care of. Yet the story of the prisoner does not, nor should not, end there. The story of the prisoner has profound effects in our community and within our families. Jesus says that when we visit the prisoner, we visit Him. If this is true, shouldn’t we be lining up and pounding on the prison doors to let us in? Yet often, we as the Church are silent in speaking into the punishment, refinement, and restoration of the prisoner. This talk will cover the scope of incarceration and what our role as the church is within this.

Location: Calvin Chapel

March 14— Jason Googins

What’s Buzzing All Year

The honey bee is in trouble. A steep increase in honey bee colony losses has been reported around the globe in recent years. Bees have been of high value and fascination to humans for millennia—venerated, yet feared. The way a hive of bees lives and works tirelessly in the service of its queen and to produce the marvelous golden honey, is a living mystery. This lecture is a basic overview of a year in beekeeping. We will learn the equipment and the never-ending work of a beekeeper, honey bee biology, their role in our food supply, and the biggest threats to honey bees.

Location: Calvin Center Art Gallery in the Covenant Fine Arts Center.

March 28— Bert DeVries, David Wunder, and Robert Hoeksema

 Preservation and Reactivation of an Ancient Water Delivery System at the Umm El-Jimal Archeological Site in Jordan

Because ancient Umm el-Jimal was in a semi-arid region of northern Jordan, its residents relied on anelaborate runoff water collection system for their survival. To reactivate this system for reuse by the modern community, Calvin’s Umm el-Jimal Archaeological Project has partnered with the Clean Water Institute of Calvin University staff and students to add state-of-the-art hydraulic engineering to the archaeological restoration. The description of this work will include a demonstration of the two-dimensional surface water flow model developed to predict the rain-fed flow of water supplying the system.

Location: Calvin Bytwerk Theatre

April 11— Dr. Suzanne McDonald, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Western Seminary

 Holy Saturday: Insights from A Neglected Day in Holy Week

In our journey through Holy Week, we often mark Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, but what about Holy Saturday? Some Christian traditions hold a vigil that anticipates the joy of the resurrection, and there are several interpretations of the meaning of the day in relation to Jesus and his saving work. But what might that first Holy Saturday have been like for the followers of Jesus? This lecture will focus mainly on what we can discern about how they experienced this day between cross and resurrection, and what we might learn from that for our own faith and discipleship.

Location: Calvin Chapel

April 25— Michelle Loyd Paige, Exec Assoc to the President of Calvin University for Diversity and Inclusion and Debra Freeberg, Director of Theatre and Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences

A Conversation About Race and Higher Education

Last fall Debra Freberg and Michelle Loyd-Paige taught a CALL class based on the play Spinning Into Butter. The play was performed by the Calvin Theater Company in February 2019. Both the class and the play explored the difficulties in talking about race and the need for courageous spaces to talk about race and racism in higher education. Michelle and Debra are facilitating a noontime conversation on April 25. Where they will talk about how their own identities and experiences shape both their experiences with race and their conversations about race in the classroom. Like the play, Debra and Michelle will base their presentation in higher education, but the observations they share are applicable beyond the classroom.  All are welcome. You need not have seen the play to participate in this session.


The session is part of Calvin's Stand Against Racism observance and is supported in part by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and is  part of the 2018-2019 Create.Unite.Renew arts theme.

Location: Calvin Chapel

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