Your investment

If you have a heart for students, you have the means to become involved in Calvin’s named scholarship program. Our three levels of scholarship giving ensure you will find the right option for your financial situation.

Establish an endowed scholarship

An endowment ensures that your scholarship will bless students for years to come. The experience of building an endowment varies for each supporter. For example, an endowment may be established with a one-time gift or a series of gifts over a number of years. The endowment can be funded by an individual, an estate gift, a family, a group of alumni, a church congregation, a community or a professional organization. Contact us to learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship.

Fund a scholarship with annual gifts

A currently funded scholarship is one that can be created and maintained with annual gifts of $2,500 or more with a commitment of at least five years. These scholarships can be supported by individuals or by a group of donors. Contact us to learn more about establishing a currently funded scholarship.

Support the Providence Fund

The Providence Fund provides scholarships annually to students in need of financial assistance. Your gift of any size joins with those from a community of supporters to assist students who may not otherwise be able to afford the Calvin experience. To help the Providence Fund serve more students, consider growing the fund with a one-time or recurring gift.

Students and donors learn from each other at the annual named scholarship dinner at Calvin College.

Your gifts at work

When you establish a named scholarship, you will have the opportunity to see the impact of your gift on a student’s life by attending our annual scholarship dinner and meeting the recipient of your award.

The next step

For more information, contact Jodi Cole at (616) 526-6090 or (800) 968-4363, or