Weekend Programming Intern Information

Weekend Programming Intern

What's a weekend programming intern?

The Campus Involvement and Leadership Office is committed to providing a variety of high quality, late-night, weekend events that enhance the Calvin student experience. Our programs aid in the transition to college, seamlessly integrate in-class and out-of-class learning, and facilitate development in all areas of student's lives. We believe that meaningful engagement in the total campus experience promotes both academic and personal success and we strive to make Calvin College a vibrant place to live and learn. We hire four Weekend Programming interns that work in the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office about ten hours per week, who take an active role in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of these programs.

Who Can Apply?

Any Calvin student with the following characteristics may apply for the Weekend Programming Intern position:

  • Committed to providing students with high quality, community developing events
  • Willingness to exercise gifts of creativity, hospitality, and service
  • Possess a general understanding of Calvin's campus environment (current or previous experience with orientation, a student organization, student leadership, or campus office/department required)
  • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships
  • Strives to manifest Christian commitment in thought, word, and deed
  • Maintains full-time student status at Calvin and fulfills the college's eligibility requirements for participation in campus activities as reflected in the Student Handbook.

Application/Selection Process

All application materials must be returned to the Student Life East in the Commons Annex, no later than Wednesday, March 11 by noon. Applicants will only be considered once all materials, including online recommendations, are submitted.

Steps to apply:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Contact two people to submit online recommendations. Applicants are responsible for contacting their references and ensuring that the recommendation forms are submitted by noon on March 11.
  3. Email a resume to Marie Prins (resume must be in PDF format)
  4. Complete your interview assignment that is emailed to you if you have been selected for an interview
  5. Sign up online for an interview time if you have been selected for an interview

Application materials will be reviewed and successful candidates will be invited to sign-up for individual interviews scheduled for March 24-25. Applicants will be asked to prepare a presentation on one of two case studies that will be made available to them when they submit their recommendations and resume. Following the individual interviews, applicants will be evaluated and may have the opportunity for the second round of interviews. Applicants will be invited to attend a dinner and weekend programming event the night of March 27 from 6-11pm.

Specific Responsibilities

Weekend Programming Interns will begin working in mid-April of 2015 and will complete their service in March 2016. Each student staff member is responsible for the planning an implementation of all weekend programing events.

Month-by-Month Breakdown

  • Intern commitment will be 3-5 hours per week, students will be compensated hourly
  • Interns will establish an outline and timeline for all Weekend programming events
  • Interns will attend weekly scheduled meetings to receive training for their position, build camaraderie, set goals, and discuss and plan
June - August
  • Interns are not required to work in the summer, but between the three interns hired in the spring we will have 30 hours of employment. ( 3 interns working 10 hours or 2 Interns working 15 hours, ect.)
  • Interns will be compensated hourly during the summer
  • Interns will be working on Buck Friday events, making contacts, posters, and communication plans
Sept – March
  • Interns will work 10 hours a week, including every other weekend night
  • Interns will be compensated hourly during the fall and spring Interns will implement the Buck Fridays Program and the Nite-Life programs in the fall
  • Interns will plan 2-3 Friday night programs and Nite-Life in the spring


Interns will be compensated at $8.50/hr.