Do you have suggestions for what to pack and bring to Calvin? for technology?

The housing office provides Moving In resources. This will explain how to move in to campus, what to bring and what NOT to bring. Calvin's information technology department offers information about student computers and hardware/software requirements. Also, read their FAQ list. There are also technology purchase programs available for students.

How can I see a copy of my student's tuition statement?

Students are responsible for their tuition and miscellaneous financial statements. They can choose to have it sent to a parent e-mail address via their Calvin portal account:

1. Login to Calvin portal.
2. On "Services" tab (black bar), select "Student Accounts and Finances."
3. Click on "E-statement and subscription."

Students should then see options for both the tuition, room and board statement, and the miscellaneous charges statement. Below each option they can enter multiple e-mail addresses to which each statement should be sent.

For more information about tuition costs or statements, see also financial services.

How can I see a copy of my student's grades?

Students can request to have a copy of their grades mailed to parents this way:

1. Login to Calvin portal.
2. On "Services" tab (black bar), select "Student Academics."
3. From the right column, choose "Send grades to parents" and click on which parent(s) should receive copies of their grades.

When is Family Weekend? Siblings Weekend?

Family Weekend is combined with Homecoming and is in October.
Siblings Weekend is the end of February.

What are the core classes my student needs to take?

Learn more about academic life at Calvin:

How do I send a package to my student?

Addresses for the residence halls, on-campus apartments and Project Neighborhood homes are found on the mail services website.

What banking services are available on or near campus?

Banks such as Lake Michigan Credit Union, Fifth Third, Chase, PNC and Bank of America will have information tables at PASSPORT (orientation). Checks up to $200 can be cashed at the financial services office; some fees may apply.

My contact information changed. To whom should I send the new information?

The academic services office ( maintains parent contact information. If you are receiving Calvin-parents e-newsletter, you will also need to change your e-mail address for Calvin-parents. Or, let us know via and we'll take care of all of it for you.

I heard I can watch chapel live. How do I do that?

Chapel (10-10:20 a.m. on weekdays) and Sunday evening (8 p.m.) LOFT services are available online: The archives are available any time.

Where can I find out about my student's 1098-T tax form?

These forms were mailed to the student's home address at the end of January. Contact the financial services office ( for additional information.

What are the dates for Spring Break? Christmas Break? Easter?

See the academic calendar.