Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Multicultural Student Advisory Board


The Multicultural Student Advisory Board is a diverse group of students committed to campus-wide anti-racism education, cultural competency and racial reconciliation, with the goal of creating a safe, welcoming and diverse campus community. Students promote intentional and thought-provoking discussions, cultural sensitivity and multicultural awareness, and serve as a Peer Review Board to monitor the campus climate for students. MSAB seeks to nurture an environment in which an appreciation for diversity can thrive to model the kingdom of Jesus Christ, composed of people from every nation, language and tribe.

This mission will be accomplised by:

  1. Bi-weekly meetings to train students on intergroup dialogue.
  2. Providing safe spaces during meetings for members to explore their racial and ethnic identities.
  3. Providing members with the vocabulary and training to dialogue on issues of social justice from a Christian perspective.
  4. Creating engaging and informative programming that centers on multicultural awareness.

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  1. Work on a team of 12 peers
  2. Plan annual UnLearn Week events.
  3. Facilitate bi-monthly campus-wide discussions on topics ranging from student self-segregation and racial micro-aggressions to the racial dynamics of group assignments and culture shock.
  4. Cross-campus collaboration to plan cultural heritage celebrations.
  5. Participation in Intercultural Intelligence, Cultural Competency, Anti-Racism, and Inclusive Campus Climate trainings.

Ideal candidate

Members of the Multicultural Student Advisory Board vary in racial/ethnic background, socio-economic background, major and experience. Members must be juniors and seniors, be willing to share their life experiences, open to learning from others, and be committed to racial reconciliation in honor of the Biblical command to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Studying abroad or taking an off-campus interim does not automatically disqualify a candidate from being selected.

Time commitment

MSAB holds one regular weekly meeting for an hour and a half, convenes as a Campus Climate Peer Review Board as needed, and is responsible for sponsoring one bimonthly campus event. One-on-one meetings are also held occasionally with the staff advisor.

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