Upperclass Timmer

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Timmer has traditionally been a women's wing, but was re-purposed for an upperclassmen community beginning in 2010. Timmer Upper Class floors provide juniors and seniors with a sense of community with their peers, while also enjoying the amenities of the residence hall. This is a great option for students who prefer a private room on campus or have one or two other students they would like to share a suite with.

Living expectations

  • Upperclass Timmer will follow Knollcrest East Living Standards as found within KE Living Booklet including open house hours.
  • Housing contracts are available for either the full academic year or one semester for students who plan to study abroad during one semester or are graduating.
  • Students may apply with a friend (as either a roommate or suitemate).


  • Each Timmer room will be furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair and book shelf for each student.
  • Laundry facilities at no extra charge.
  • ResNet, Calvin wireless, and Calvin cable.
  • Close proximity to dining hall, library, campus escort service, athletic complex, etc.
  • Reduced residence hall rates
  • Available for the full academic year or one semester.

Timmer Upper Class prices

2016-2017 costs will be set by the Board of Trustees in February 2016. Prices listed below are for 2015-2016, but should not be drastically different next year. A meal plan is required. The 10-meal plan is the lowest option.

Single room rates

  • 10 meal plan: $3,050 per semester
  • 15 meal plan: $3,410 per semester
  • 21 meal plan: $3,633 per semester

Double room rates (with roommate)

  • 10 meal plan: $2,620 per semester
  • 15 meal plan: $2,930 per semester
  • 21 meal plan: $3,117 per semester

Applications are due on March 7, 2016. Room selection will be held on March 31, 2016 in the Meeter Center Lecture Hall at 4 p.m.

Priority Order

  • Preference will be shown to students who currently live in Timmer.
  • Students who are either international or out of state and may have limited housing options will be next.
  • By application date.