Rachel Schelhaas

Rachel Schelhaas


What are your more memorable experiences at Calvin?

In my past three years at Calvin I have lived in the residence halls. For the first two years I lived in Rooks VanDellen and then this past year I was a Resident Assistant in Bolt Heyn Timmer. I absolutely loved living in the dorms at Calvin. It’s a vibrant community for individuals to thrive in. I loved being able to walk down the hallway and have so many wonderful people to distract me from my homework.

Even though I’ve already made so many good memories at Calvin, I still have a lot left to look forward to! This next year I will be living in a Project Neighborhood house and I’m very excited for that. I also will be completing my youth ministry internship at a church across the street. In the spring I will be headed to downtown Chicago to complete 2 classes and an internship through the Chicago semester program.

How do you get involved at Calvin?

Over my time here at Calvin I have mostly been involved in residence life. But I have also enjoyed being a part of dance guild each semester. Dance guild is a student run organization (the largest on campus) that allows dancers of all levels to participate in a semester performance. I also work in the wonderful admissions office and have enjoyed that experience as well.

How have you been helped by the student resources available to you?

A student resource that has helped me the most is Student Academic Services. They work hard to ensure that all students have an equal chance to succeed at Calvin by providing accommodations to those who need them. SAS also offers free tutoring which is awesome!

Has anything surprised you about Grand Rapids?

Something that surprised me about Grand Rapids is its variety. We have a beautiful lake, a busy shopping area, a gorgeous and thriving downtown and diverse neighborhoods. Grand Rapids is truly unlike any other city I’ve been to. Grand Rapids and Calvin are especially beautiful in the fall. The changing leaves make it quite pretty on and off campus.


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