Rachel Schelhaas

Rachel Schelhaas


How has your faith been shaped by being at Calvin?

Being surrounded by people who love and want to serve the Lord has been a great privilege for me. Engaging in conversations about faith (whether in class or residence halls) has both stretched and changed my faith.

How are the academics at Calvin?

Calvin academics will push you in every aspect of your life. I have learned so much about the world, God and myself through my classes here.  

How do you get involved at Calvin?

Last year I was a Barnabas in my residence hall. I led Bible studies and weekly dorm worship—and I absolutely loved it. Because I couldn’t get enough of residence life, I applied and was hired to be a Resident Assistant for this year. I have also participated in Dance Guild each semester and have loved that as well.

What puts the “Grand” in Grand Rapids? Or, what do you like most about GR?

Art Prize is one of my favorite things about GR because it’s a beautiful opportunity to come together as an expressive community and to appreciate each other’s gifts.

What advice to you have for students who are thinking about applying to Calvin?

Apply and see what happens! I could not afford Calvin but was shocked at my financial aid package. Also VISIT! The best way to know if a school is for you is to go and experience it


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