Kayla Danahy

Kayla Danahy


What is your most memorable experience at Calvin?

When I was a sophomore, my floor decided to participate in a campus event called “Airband”.  Basically it’s a contest between several different groups involving dancing, lip singing, and acting.  Participating in this event with my floor gave us a lot of time to bond, laugh, and have fun together.  We definitely weren’t the best dancers, but we had a blast and got so much closer by the end of it. 

Have you had any internships? If so, what were they?

I’ve had several internships during my time at Calvin.  I’ve been the social media intern at the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan, the digital marketing intern at Zondervan Publishers, the student and young alumni intern for the Alumni Office on campus, and a public relations and marketing intern at Team Detroit for Ford Motor Company.  Internships are challenging, but I’ve learned so many valuable things from them and I would highly recommend being an intern at some point in your college career.

What puts the “Grand” in Grand Rapids? Or, what do you like most about GR? 

Grand Rapids is the best of both worlds.  Having grown up in both the city and the countryside, there’s a great mix of both here.  I love that I can head downtown with friends to try new restaurants on day and the next be relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan.

What’s your favorite season: fall, winter, spring, or summer?

Definitely fall!  With so many trees, fall is especially beautiful on Calvin’s campus.  I love going to Robinette’s Apple Orchard and getting hot cider and cinnamon donuts, the cool, crisp air, and walks through the nature preserve when the leaves are changing color.

What advice to you have for students who are thinking about applying to Calvin?

You don’t have to know exactly what your future looks likes when you come to Calvin.  I came in not knowing what I wanted to major in or what I even wanted to pursue as a career.  Through taking a wide variety of classes, talking to advisors, and becoming more aware of my own gifts and talents, I was able to find the perfect major and career path for myself!  It took three changes of my major before the end of Junior year, but it’s perfectly ok to not know where you’re headed for a while.  


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