Q. I'm having trouble logging in/accessing my forms. Where can I get help?

A. Contact the friendly people at Calvin's HelpDesk. They'll help troubleshoot any technical issues you might be having.


Q. How do I know if Calvin received the forms I submitted (or the forms I submitted on paper)?

A. The stoplight will reflect the information that Calvin has received. When the light is red, Calvin has not yet received information from you; yellow means that your information is in process (it is either saved on Calvin’s secure server or being sent via snail mail) and green means that Calvin has received the information you submitted.

Q. After I have completed a section and the light has turned green can I go back and change information?

A. Sorry, but no. Once you have submitted your information you can no longer change that information online. If you have entered something in error or wish to make changes to your submitted forms, please call one of the following Calvin offices to speak with them about your changes.

Enrollment Deposit: 800-688-0122 (in the US) or 616-526-6106 (Admissions)

Housing: 616-526-6120

Orientation: 616-526-8507 (Campus Involvements and Leadership)

Academic Advising: 616-526-6155


Q. How will Calvin match me with a roommate?

A. Calvin looks carefully at the preferences you indicate on your housing application. Using your responses to a number of questions, Calvin’s Housing office works hard to match you with a roommate. If you complete your application by May 1, you'll be in the biggest group for roommate matches.

Q. A friend and I have decided to room together. How do we communicate this to Calvin?

A. Both you and your friend MUST put the other’s name on your housing forms. Roommate choice must be mutual. Once we see this, we'll match you up.


Q. I already sent in my enrollment deposit via snail mail. Can I complete my housing application and orientation registration online?

A. Yes, please do! The checklist on your enrollment page will reflect the forms that we have already received. If any of your lights show as yellow or red, it means that you still need to complete that task. Just select the forms that show as yellow or red in your checklist and continue your enrollment process.

Q. What should I do if I have trouble opening or reading the PDFs?

A. First, make sure that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed. Or, try right-clicking on the PDF you want to open and choose the “save target as” option. Save the PDF file to your local hard drive and then open it with your Acrobat Reader software.


Q. Do I need to complete these enrollment forms in any particular order?

A. No, you can fill out the forms in any order you wish.  Just pay attention to deadlines.  For students coming to Calvin in the spring, you need to complete all your forms by January 15.  If you're planning to enter Calvin in the fall, the deadline for most forms is May 1 for U.S. citizens and June 1 for international and transfer students.