In an increasingly urban world, you will immerse yourself in an education dedicated to both understanding and engaging urban contexts.

Currently, half the global population lives in cities. By 2050, the global urban population is estimated to grow to closer to 70 percent. Cities are the present and the future. The urban studies minor offers an interdisciplinary program of study that considers all aspects of urban life and development.

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Track one: Urban Social Development

A general introduction to the city. You'll gain a multifaceted understanding of urban life from various disciplinary angles and insights.

Track two: The Built Environment

Perfect for aspiring architects and urban planners. You'll learn the key aspects of building, designing and shaping neighborhoods and cities.

Track three: Urban Policy

A step toward city politics, nonprofits and social service work. You'll explore the tools and frameworks of local government and the social service sectors of urban life.

Track four: Education

For teachers in urban contexts. You'll better understand the systems and structures that affect urban schools.

Course Requirements 2016-17

  • SOC-302 Urban Sociology
  • Track one:
    • SOC-250 Diversity & Inequality in the U.S.
    • PHIL-207 Justice & the Common Good: Political Philosophy
    • HIST-356 American Social and Cultural History
  • Track two:
  • Track three:
  • Track four:
    • EDUC-202 The Learner - Develop & Diversity
    • IDIS-205 Societal Structures and Education
    • EDUC-W40» Urban Education in Context - Memphis
  • Two from the following:
  • The following courses may apply if approved by the urban studies minor committee:
    • One interim course
    • Special topics courses
    • Independent studies
    • Up to six credits for internships and off-campus programs (e.g. the Chicago Semester)