Loving children as God loves us

Calvin's early childhood education major equips you to work with innovative methods, including inquiry learning, to engage the curiosity of all young children. In addition to earning an endorsement to work with children from birth to age 5 in inclusive environments, Calvin's early childhood education majors are also certified to teach kindergarten - grade 5 through the elementary education program.

(31 semester hours)

  • EDUC-202 The Learner in the Educational Context: Development and Diversity
  • EDUC-236 The Young Child in an Educational Setting
  • EDUC-238 Developmentally Appropriate Practice with Young Children
  • EDUC-312 Teaching Exceptional Students
  • EDUC-335 Assessment of the Young Child
  • EDUC-337 Curriculum Theory and Development: Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC-339 The Early Childhood Professional
  • EDUC-343 Early Childhood Education: Preschool Field Experience
  • SOC-304 The Family (alternate years)
  • SPAUD-311 Child Language Development

Some school districts require the Early Childhood endorsement for preschool through second grade teaching positions. Candidates interested in teaching preschool, preschool special education, kindergarten, first grade or second grade should consider the Early Childhood major. Candidates complete the Elementary Program and are also certified to teach grades K-5, all subjects.


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